Identity of blogger ordered released in defamation suit

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Identity of blogger ordered released in defamation suit

A Manhattan court ruling could change the way people blog on the Internet.

A judge ordered Google to release the identity of a blogger who trashed Vogue cover model Liskula Cohen on an anonymous blog called "Skanks in NYC," so Cohen can file a defamatory lawsuit against the author.

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CBS News legal analyst Lisa Bloom said the ruling should be a "wake-up call" to bloggers.

"There's no anonymity. If you defame someone online, the Web company can be forced to turn over the information attached to your identity, your address, so that you can be sued individually."

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Miller pointed out the ruling may make those on Facebook and Twitter and elsewhere on social networking sites think twice about what they post online.


Maybe this will finally bring Perez Hilton down. One can only hope.

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well they should work so hard against msm outlets who do their share of defaming.

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Big MSM entities have teams of lawyers on their payrolls to ensure any 'defamation' they indulge in is only hinted at while - except for the rarest of occasions - not crossing any legal lines. Your average cyberspace blogger hasn't the benefit of a bevy of barristers and therefore he/she stands a greater chance of doing something actionable - and getting caught out.