Iggy-lib attacks - look deeper ...

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Iggy-lib attacks - look deeper ...

Ignatieff is once again under attack by the mainstream media - as was Dion before him, and Martin before him (actually, to say 'once again' gives a bit of a false picture - he has been under more or less constant attack since assuming the leadership of the Libs after the Dion massacre). I am surprised noone on 'progressive' sites like Rabble is taking any note of this. Media manipulation of public opinion is one of the main things we need to counteract, if we are ever to awaken enough Canadians to what is really going on in our country and world. (for the record, I am a supporter of neither the Libs nor the Cons, I just watch the media, and think we need to be aware of stuff like this - I know for many Rabble members who support the NDP it would be easy just to get onboard the 'pathetic Iggy' bandwagon - but it is never a good idea to be a pawn of your enemy - and I would suggest that the people controlling the media are not your friends, they're just using you to whatever extent you allow them to do this.)

The last few days I note this story - <A HREF="http://www.leaderpost.com/news/Fate+gifts+Harper+another+Dion+Ignatieff+...">Fate gifts Harper another 'Dion' as Ignatieff's blunders pile up</A> ) - look at the pics - Harper, as he has always been portrayed, looking very statesmanlike, calm demeanor, good background, and the Lib currently being attacked is ungroomed, somewhat maniacal expression, common background. This has been the pattern - they did the same thing to Martin (as PM - he was God as Chretien's finance minister, when he was dismantling our social programs and the Libs were the media good guys and the Cons the 'bad guys') - remember Mr Dithers? - or Dion, the flustered loser (as portrayed by the media, although of course he is normally quite articulate and highly intelligent - probably much too intelligent for the average media flack to tolerate...). Going back further, as perspective, we can remember the last Mulroney years, and early Chretien years, when the reverse was the situation - the loser Cons, and the make-no-mistake Libs, etc - it's all just spin - you can make anybody look bad, or good, depending on the spin.. Here the game is just herding the Cdn public - run with one party as far as you can, and then as soon as enough Canadians are thoroughly pissed off at what is happening, do the tweedledee-dum shuffle, condemn the unloved to the wilderness for a few years and bring in the other party to continue the charade - and when Cdns have had enough of them, switcheroo again. With the NDP as a permanent location for those who dislike both (or the Bloq in Quebec, of course, for now).

- or the Star, from one of their best, Jim Travers - <A HREF="http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/703677">Deluded Grits fail to see faults in their leaders</A> - insightful, with some true stuff no doubt, but still getting the main message of 'ineffectual Libs, not fit to run a country like this..' out -


Or the CBC report yesterday about some Libs complaining th Canadian Olympic logo was the PC logo in disguise - arguments can be made on either side, but the early radio reports were blatantly mocking the Libs for doing this, and explaining to the radio listener who did not have the logos to look at on the radio that really, the logos were nothing alike at all, just the Libs looking stupid again haha - blatantly anything-but-impartial 'reporting' (which, I have sadly come to understand over the last couple of years when my internet connection has been good enough for me to listen regularly again, is very much the norm with the CBC when they want to spin something a certain way - the ongoing pogrom against China is quite disgusting, or Iran, or Afghanistan, or the 'look at wonderful Obama, we poor sad Canucks with no real leaders!!' crap they've been doing this year, and etc). (I have noticed a lack of any of the far rightwing columns (NP etc) whining about the terrible lefty media of Canada lately - I guess this ongoing persecution of the Libs by both the CBC and Star would make such a column pretty blatantly stupid, and they wouldn't want to remind their readers that such accusations are always blatantly stupid...)

The only reason I can figure for this ongoing demonisation of any Liberal leader of the last few years is that there is some kind of behind the scenes program here, wherein, I suspect, the plan is for the Cons to get their "majority" government, after which they will have 4-5 years (obviously Harper has no intention of keeping to any legislated 4-year election cycle if it inconveniences him or when other things take priority, with the approval of the courts of Canada so no way short of open revolution to do anything about it, it seems..) to more or less put the coup de grace to this once-meant-to-be-great-social-democracy experiment called Canada - after which, of course, he will suffer a Mulroney fate as Canadians protest what has been done, but the Libs will then, as did Martin before, claim their hands are tied by the existing circumstances, with the backing of the media to prevent any serious consequences to the rulers or their frontline puppets, and continue the destruction. I suspect the behind-the-scenes organisers are getting a bit frustrated at this stage, after two elections in the last two years designed to get the Harper majority, and desperate, as even the normally malleable Canadian voters-at-large are still resisting this drive to empower Harper with no even tiny encumbrances to do as he will, thus this ongoing attack on Ignatieff and the Libs, and attendant 'hmm, them cons don't seem that bad..' theme of so many other things we have been seeing, in the runup to the soon-to-be election, hoping to persuade enough people to either come over to the Cons, or at least stay at home.


So what's to be done? Obviously, the NDP are more part of the problem than the solution, as they are not talking about anything realistic such as serious democratic or economic reform (which probably explains, in part, their continued lack of support - why vote for Lib Light when the real Libs are more likely to get into power?) - so if the Rabble Readers are serious about change in the country, it is up to them to take action independently, hold meetings in their ridings, spread some truth around, start some movements to elect independent candidates, etc and etc - and one of the central messages of everything has to be that the mainstream media in this country is NOT a reliable source of anything important - their entire purpose is manipulation, and they are very, very good at it. 


NDP have been talking about Democratic reform. However, when your "soundbite" does not resonate with the "main narrative" it gets tuned out. So in this regard, because it was not read in the MSM, "the NDP... are not talking about anything realistic...."

In the last ON election when election reform was up for the vote, it was mainly driven by local NDPers who were doing leaflets and so on. Funny how it was card carrying NDPers in the area who were driving this - DOING double duty.

Anyway, being somewhat of a policy wonk, one thing I learned is that one can have the best policy but "timing is everything."  Right now the economy is taking center stage, so those get all the soundbites. One can try to weave to your "message" but there has to be a connection that also resonates with the "audience."

So if I am unemployed person, for example, I am interested in stuff to do with that. Democratic concern becomes in the immediate secondary, as I can't eat it or use it to keep a roof over my head now.

And I do understand what you are talking about - re: press and forming the narrative. I guess I would be more willing to fight the negative stereotypes of "oppressed people" such as the unemployed, homeless, those who must count on welfare to survive rather than an elitest such as Iggy.

Those are my personal thoughts.


Well, Siamdave, there's certainly been no shortage of threads on Babble over the years decrying the role of the media in politics. 

In fact, this whole website was started with that in mind.

And perhaps the real news effecting whether and when there might be an election came from Paul Godfrey.  I can't imagine the idea that CanWest being dismantled piecemeal was welcomed by Harper.  

The only reason I can figure for this ongoing demonisation of any Liberal leader of the last few years is that there is some kind of behind the scenes program here,

Well, yeah.  And the behind the scenes program is being run by a few individuals, and Public Relations companies working for whoever has the cash. Liars for Hire.  

But, the Liberals used to enjoy such advantages.  The only reason they don't enjoy such advantages today is because they no longer hold the keys to the treasury.  They can't throw lucrative money for nothing advertising contracts around, appoint "journalists" to the senate or other peach government posts, and they don't control what media outlets get government advertising.

Yes, Martin, Dion and perhaps now Iggy Thumbscrews are getting short shrift from the media.  But they are victims of the monster they created, and, if handed a majority again, would certainly do nothing to dismantle.

Pop Quiz:  Who burried the Kent Commission recomendations?

If you are looking for sympathy for Liberal  fortunes in the media here, you have come to the wrong place.

Most, if not all, would say it looks damn good on them.

Now, if this is just an exemplar of the corrupt rot in Canadian media, then pull up a chair.  We've been discussing it for eight or so years here.

Solutions? I'm not sure I have any.  I have ways to fight back, but I have no panacea, or short term solutions. 

So, I am ever eager to hear the ideas of others on the subject.

Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

A primer on the ongoing deterioration of our media.

Unfortunately (and for obvious reasons), it doesn't include the transformation of the CBC into a government mouthorgan - a situation primarily engineered by Paul Martin, though much enjoyed by Stephen Harper.


With the CBC, I think it's just a matter of sucking up to the boss.  If the Liberals surged in the polls, then they'd be all Liberal freindly again, and if the NDP ever surged in the Polls, they'd be ever so kind to the NDP.


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Canwest is getting all the tax payer's money they can scoop, at both levels, and one supposes it is because of their government friendly reporting, plus of course an unholy alliance. Clever way to cover up good press buying, eh?!

100's of thousands of dollars worth of air time money is being spent  by BC Hydro's Power Smart program, and that is outsiide of the money spent on production of all the different ones.  Then we have all the ICBC ads shoved at us, which is again our own money and neither crown corporation should be doing any advertising, it is completely unwarranted, especially when rates are increasing and programs are being slashed.

Then we got federal government "economy" ads,  and a couple of others too. And then they are getting Conservative party money ads by way of the  anti-Iggy ads. This is on top of the 60 million worth of taxpayer's money given to them outright as a bail out.

And then we have Canwest being fed by CBC too, as CBC is paying Canwest to film "Being Erica",  at one of their studios, and if there is one there is others.

Now.. in the case of CTV, they have got all the government Olympic ad money going on, plus the sponsor's ad monies. Who of course are all Conservative and BC Liberal friendly corporations.

Then of course there is the ads in the printed material of Canwest's holdings.

All in all, there is a huge amount of taxpayer's money being shifted to them both. The NDP and Bloc, should be finding out how much and getting the amounts out, anyway they can. As I believe that most Canadians, at least those who are NOT benefiting from this in some way, would be righteously pissed about it.

Like siamdave, I believe they want Harper to have a majority so they can do their evil, and then when there is backlash after 4 years, they can install the Liberals again to continue on.

The trick is getting people across Canada to understand they are being manipulated, and that their money is being spent to conduct their own manipulation and to manufacture consent.



remind wrote:

And then we have Canwest being fed by CBC too, as CBC is paying Canwest to film "Being Erica",  at one of their studios, and if there is one there is others.

The relationship's gotten even cozier:


The CBC and the National Post newspaper have announced a deal to share sports and financial coverage across their media platforms.

Effective immediately, CBC.ca will feature financial stories and podcasts from the Financial Post while nationalpost.com will include daily stories from CBC Sports.

The print version of the paper will also periodically include CBC Sports material, the two organizations said in a joint statement issued Thursday afternoon.


Not that it doesn't give them more shared interests, but the motive for that move by CBC and CanWest is just brute cost cutting- allowing them to use each otheres respective content strengths.

Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

Tommy_Paine wrote:

With the CBC, I think it's just a matter of sucking up to the boss.

That was true of the cosy relationship between the Corp. and the Liberals prior to it's re-engineering by Rabinovitch and Martin. However, it's entirely impossible for the CBC to consider itself at arms-length these days.


Sure, financial stories from the National Post on the Public Broadcaster.

No agenda there.


Canada has a public broadcaster? I didn't know that.


kropotkin1951 wrote:

Canada has a public broadcaster? I didn't know that.


- the CBC is kind of a sad case - not really sad, something more than that - it's kind of like watching a beloved relative become demented or something - they still do a lot of good stuff, esp musically on many shows, but in terms of anything we might call 'public affairs', they have become corrupted by the capitalists, and preach the capitalist brand - I still hope we can take our country back, and with it the CBC - it's a bit like watching some young relative being mesmerized by a religious sect or something - you try not to give up on them, although they can be pretty exasperating at times - but remember how good they once were - most (well, maybe many) of us probably remember This Hour Has Seven Days - and the early days of As It Happens, when Enright actually seemed to be interested in truth rather than what he's doing these days - they're still the class act of media in this country, they've just been taken over by some bad people -


Watching the blogosphere has made it clearer than ever. When the media marginalize the Liberal party, Liberal supporters -- quite rightly -- complain and even engage in a little serious media criticism. When the media marginalize the NDP, Liberal supporters cheer the media on and pile on with them. Change that and you might begin to change media behaviour.



I agree with you pogge - I wondered with statement

"I still hope we can take our country back, and with it the CBC."

Siamdave - who is the "we" you are talking about?

We the people or we the Liberal Party of Canada?



Actually, I think the NDP has the hammer on the CBC if they'd use it.


janfromthebruce wrote:

I agree with you pogge - I wondered with statement

"I still hope we can take our country back, and with it the CBC."

Siamdave - who is the "we" you are talking about?

We the people or we the Liberal Party of Canada?


I guess you have no reason to know me, jan, but I am completely opposed to a 'democratic' system based on political parties - it's actually kind of an oxymoron. a faux-democracy, as we see all to well in Canada - I do not identify with the Libs or anyone else - but I commented as I have here because I wanted to point out how the media is trying to lead everyone around by the nose, and so many people seem unaware of this media manipulation - going along with it mindlessly because they don't like the Libs . And I don't know how far you go back, but the CBC did use to be pretty good, in terms of just doing good, reasonably impartial journalism - it's only since the 80s it has degenerated into the Bay St-neocon-supporting propaganda outfit we hear every day now - I simply cannot, for instance, imagine Gzowski allowing his show to be used for the often blatant propaganda we get almost every day on Tremonti's 'Current'. My use of 'we' is always 'we the people' - but in my more 'feet-on-the-ground' moments I understand that is kind of dreamy too, as very obviously few people in the country are in the same space as am I - a dream of a country based on intelligent, engaged citizens, making decisions together, based on some kind of middle-ground representing, truly, the greatest good for the greatest number - not dictated by someone, but because we have talked it out together, and come to such a compromise. The greatest freedom for the greatest number, whilst trying to stop extremists from any group taking control - a country like Canada once dreamed of being, I think, but very much is not today. I talk about it in a book I have written  Green Island   http://www.rudemacedon.ca/greenisland.html (which hasn't found much favor amongst Rabble readers - I suppose not being an NDPer bothers some people ... )

Buddy Kat

Yep the nDP and left in general have NO voice in the MSM or propaganda of any kind yet they do seem to maintain a 20% . You can just imagine how high that percentage would be if they did. That must litterly petrify the other wings . I've said many times what Canada needs is a just one independant lefty super station that provides the same entertainment the right wing stations do just to suck you into watching them before they shove the propaganda down your throats.

If the anik people won't give you a transponder maybe chavez will..in this day of digital compression it's real easy to get one. The internet is all fine and dandy but it doesn't reach the greater than 65 population (that grows by the day) that votes for cons and it isn't getting thru to the simpletons that belive everything global ,ctv, and the cbc say...that also votes for the cons.

This whole thread could be turned into a daily tv show with examples and some education thrown in almost like the daily show. Instead of trivilizing the stories by making them funny comedy's they could be more serious....and hence believable. As it is right now , the MSM ridicule and make fun of left issues. Imagine turning the table.... It's all just sitting there waiting for the left to use. There is probably a big sack of money waiting for whoever dares do it too..talk about 100% market share with the possibility of real growth and long term stock maximization.


And I agree with both of you. It would be great to have a national progressive newspaper, it would great to listen to news that went beyond same old, same old.

And you are right buddy kat - image if the NDP did get "fair coverage" - in the MSM.

Anyway, I will at your book, siamdave. And yes, I know about the media.


Iggy just has to pander and promise Quebec more money and rights than they are entitled to and boom boom there rises the political fortunes of the Liberal party. Just sell out Canada to Quebec and there are your votes. Greatest Ponzi scheme ever and perfected in Quebec.


I am not scared of Canada being sold out to America I am scared of Canada being sold out to Quebec pandering for votes and mega money adnaseum from our corrupt and lazy Federal parties.


Just sell out Canadian future prosperity to satisfying the separatists in Quebec and all will be well. You will get your votes.

Ken Burch

Dude, General Wolfe ain't coming back.  Deal.


Neither is Rene Levesque. You're stuck with The 8 million dollar woman Pauline Marois (What a rich elitist who picks on rich anglos) and Louise Harel who will be the biggest joke in municipal politics (next to Tremblay)


 Wanna buy marois 8 million dollar home ???

Too bad anglos, minorities and immigrants aren't allowed to apply for the top political jobs in Quebec cause those go only to the pure laines like your friend DuCeppe.

Jim Crowe laws anyone? ... anyone????

Ken Burch

Medication, anyone?  busytory seems to be off his.


Is Ken Burch a sock puppet? I think it is. How many you got here on babble 8 or 9 have your same tone and nasty demeanor.


Oh stop censoring people you disagree with already you schmuck. Keep the nasty comments to yourself you're messing up la rabble for new people.


Wait most people here are nasty and have a smug condescending tone ...


siamdave, forgot to say that I was sorry that I did infer that you were concerned because of perhaps a liberal connection. I am sorry.

I have been involved with the NDP for years, and for whatever reason, I became totally pissed at both the liberal torstar and NOW in Toronto due to their negativity towards the NDP.

Thus its just too rich for me to get all bent out of shape that the media might be dissing the lib leader and/or libs.

I have noticed a lot recently alot of liberal partisans bellyaching about the "bias" rightwing media - blaming the press for their bad poll numbers, giving Harper a free ride, and even the libstar giving bad press to their beloved liberals.

I don't shed a tear - welcome to the club. However, they at least get the press.

When Iggy quits mimicing Harper and calling the NDP "socialists" like it is some kind of dirty characterization than I will say, hey that's not right. But Iggy is a empire with no clothes.

martin dufresne

I hope this doesn't draw too much attention from our visitors from the Blue side, but I thought this vignette from the Hell, Upside Down blog would provide a cute and welcome break:

Bad Liberals! Bad! You Keep Breaking Your Leadership Dolls And I'm Not Getting You A New One!

Naughty Liberal Caucus and Party Insiders, if you were children I'd spank you! First, you did not like the Chretien Leadership Doll. He was a perfectly good leader in perfect working order but you said you were sick of him. He was too old. He wasn't pretty enough. So you demanded the Martin Leadership Doll and wouldn't accept any other choices. But the Martin Doll wasn't decisive enough for you. You called him Mr. Dithers. He didn't win elections the way you wanted him to. So next time you screamed for a new Leadership Doll I gave you lots of choices hoping you would make a good decision but you couldn't make up your mind. You went back and forth and back and forth and I told you to pick the Gerard Kennedy Doll. He seemed like a very good choice to me. But we compromised and picked the Dion Leadership Doll instead. Okay fine except before I knew it you were telling me you regretted your choice. You never really wanted Dion at all. "If only we'd picked the Rae Doll or the Ignatieff Doll," you cried. "The Dion doll sucks. He doesn't have flashing lights and he can't shoot lasers at Stephen Harper," you screamed. Then you had a temper tantrum and threw the Dion Doll on the ground and stomped all over him until he was broken. So I said, "Okay, you can have one more try but I want you to take your time and think about your choice very, very carefully." And what did you do? You didn't take your time. You didn't think carefully. Like the spoiled brats you are, you demanded instant gratification and you grabbed the Ignatieff Doll off the shelf without even asking first. And I warned you that you were making a mistake but you would not listen. And here we are again, right back where we started. "We don't like the Iggy Doll," you shout. "He doesn't work. He's not as good as we thought he was. He's broken. WE WANT ANOTHER DOLL!!! NOW!!!"

Well I'm fed up. I've had enough. And I'm starting to realize it's not the Leadership Dolls that are the problem. It's you. Yes, you Liberal Caucus, Party Insiders and Backroom Boys. You're too mean and impatient. You play rough and you wreck every Leadership Doll you get your hands on. Well, it's time for you to grow up and learn how to treat your toys properly so I'm putting my foot down.


You picked this one.

You make him work.


peterjcassidy peterjcassidy's picture

Very crudely speaking,  corporate media shift, as do other power elites, based on their interests. Sections of the power elite, including those who brokered  the 'Unite the Right" merger of  the hardline Reforms  and the  "progressive" Progressive Conservatives. found and stilll find the Harper government much more to their liking than the Liberals under any guise.Sections of the  corpoate media joins other power elites in rejecting the Liberals under Martin, Dion, and now Iggy. Anybody got abetter,  more specific analysis or example say -how CTV and the Toronto Star shifted in the lat five years?


peterjcassidy wrote:

 Anybody got abetter,  more specific analysis or example ....

- peterj - I would say (and what I was trying to point out in the first place) that the corporate media are not acting as some kind of independent player supporting Harper et al - the corporate media are, actually, a tool of the people who really run this place. As are the mainstream political parties. And the 'game' is to make Canadians think that everyone is acting independently, and the voters then 'decide' amongst the offered 'alternatives' - but, in reality, it doesn't matter who they 'choose', the real rulers are calling all the important shots behind the scenes. But we can't acknowledge this farce, of course, so this narrative of political infighting etc is set up for public consumption. And to the extent that people accept this false presentation of the way things are, we have no hope of changing things, which will only happen when enough people wake up to the false presentation of the way things are, and get active and involved themselves, and elect people in their ridings who are not controlled by the rulers, but who will go to parliament and actually represent the people to the parliament, rather than representing the rulers (through a controlled political party) to the people, with lies and spin etc as necessary. Democracy can still happen, I think - but it's a pretty uphill struggle, when even 'progressives' get sucked into the media games.





Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

You oversimplify, siamdave. The political infighting is as real as the corporate ruling elite. What is false is the narrative - that there is some kind of battle of visions and leadership, rather than the simple fight for recognition by the elite.


Lard Tunderin Jeezus wrote:

You oversimplify, siamdave. The political infighting is as real as the corporate ruling elite. What is false is the narrative - that there is some kind of battle of visions and leadership, rather than the simple fight for recognition by the elite.

- the 'political infighting' is to some extent genuine, yes, as the ruler puppets get better perks than the 'loyal opposition' puppets ...