Jack Ass Journalists gassing us with propaganda and fanning the flames of war

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Jack Ass Journalists gassing us with propaganda and fanning the flames of war


Jack Ass Journalists gassing us with propaganda and fanning the flames of war

Comment sections of various websites can make absorbing reading. Sometimes more interesting than the primary content dished out by the journalists who are supposed to speak some semblance of the truth and inform us on the grand old world in which we live.

 Recently, one such commenter pungently asked why commenters often appear better informed on the subject at hand than the journalists actually doing the writing.

The answer is a glaring one. Too many news sources think they have an exclusive on the/their truth when the world of 2016 is loaded with alternate news sources for those willing to take the time to use them.  To say nothing of the fact the internet is the omnipotent research tool-little wonder governments everywhere want to censor it.

An equally glaring reason is that too many journalists, especially those populating the corporate owned mainstream media MSM, are propagandist either by omission or commission.

For propaganda to be successful it must meet several conditions and one is that it must be “credible”; that is to say, it can’t be so naked and so bald-a-lie that people just laugh it out of existence. Now, though, we are in that very situation. We live behind a wall of propaganda that perpetuates lies and deceptions we should laugh out of existence.  The lies perpetrated have potentially catastrophic consequences, and we cannot afford to ignore them.

The biggest lie with an overwhelming and universal stench is that in the current confrontation between the USA and Russia portrays Russia is the aggressor, and President, Vladimir Putin is the new “Hitler.” Here are just a few reasons this despicable propaganda we must laugh it out of existence:

  • Where NATO should have been disbanded after the end of Cold War l in 1990 (as was the Warsaw Pact, - the USSR defense alliance) it was globalized and became the US stalking horse for the pursuit of global hegemony. NATO and the EU, in reality, became the institutions by which the US subjugated Europe.
  • It was the USA, who in 2001 terminated the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty) Treaty.
  • NATO-led and dominated by the USA accounts for 65% of annual global military spending.
  • The US Navy is as big as the world’s next thirteen navies combined.
  • The US has almost a thousand military bases spanning the globe.
  • Under the presidency of Bill Clinton, a promise to not expand NATO up to Russia’s borders was broken.
  • US President Barack Obama has quite insanely committed a trillion dollars to the upgrading of US nuclear.

The absurdity of Russia being the villain of the peace is further underlined by the steadfast refusal of Western media jackasses to acknowledge the existence of such documents as the Wolfowitz Doctrine the PNAC( Program for the New American Century). Both are freely available on the internet, both call for America’s “Full Spectrum Dominance” of the world.

The truth of the matter is that both Russia and China are, in the great American tradition of divide and conquer the two countries that block America’s ruinous and crazed ambition.  America has declared war on the world and every nation is

targeted for subjugation, and, it is ruthlessly willing to risk nuclear war to achieve its dubious ambitions.

It is a brutal irony Hillary Clinton should dub Putin the new “Hitler” when she aspires to be the queen of the world. Even before entering office as president she has blood on her hands that won’t wash off, a pathological hatred for Putin, and a crazed desire for more and bigger wars.

In knowing her history, she is much more the new Hitler.  Her vilification of   Putin may well be no more than a diversion to draw attention away from her imperial ambitions. Winning the presidency will be her confirmation as the “Queen of Chaos.”

On March 5th, 2014 Clinton first referred to Putin as the new Hitler.  Quite pathetically, the leaders of America’s vassal states were quick to follow suit. Then Prime Minister Stephen Harper was quick to jump on the bandwagon in vilifying Putin.  So too has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau taken cheap shots at Putin. 

Canada is now in the absurd position of wanting to establish a rapprochement with Russia, while on the other hand blindly participating in the NATO build-up to war on Russia’s borders. Canada’s pathetic media should be asking the PM some hard questions on our foreign policy and our apparent willingness to be led by the nose into yet another NATO war, and potentially a catastrophic one.

The mainstream media has reduced itself to a jackass, mocking the truth,  heehawing its propagandist twaddle, as it, along with treasonous politicians lead us into war. 




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