Keeping the eyes and ears open

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Keeping the eyes and ears open

In short - making sure the right of citizens and the media to document stuff, and access to government information is safeguarded. I ran across a couple of things in the last few days that made me think of how important this is, especially if we want to have any justice after events like the G20 police brutality:

The incredible detail in some of the video documentation of the G20, and the research that has gone into linking those pieces together in order to show what happened.

Then there's this - a new law in the U.K which makes photographing police a terrorist crime punishable by up to 10 years:

And the ongoing campaign of harrassing photographers in many countries, often without legal grounds:

I also saw this facebook page this morning calling for the release of police video from the detention facility:!/group.php?gid=11...

It would not be the first time that criminal actions have been verified by the perpetrators' own record-keeping. Of course it is a matter of fighting to get access to those records.