Layton Snubs Craig Oliver

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Layton Snubs Craig Oliver

Was there a Blue Moon yesterday? Did anyone see Flying Pigs Yesterday?

For the first time in History the Jack Layton snubs a TV Camera when he refuses to be questioned by Craig Oliver on CTV's Question Period on Sunday!

Guess he didn't feel like not answering questions with questions again!



Frigging Gutless Wonder!


One Shot One Kill!


blah blah blah blah

You seem to have taken a wrong turn on the internet highway. I hope you find the exit soon. Your tagline is so sweet and cooperative just like Hapers political style.


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Now, if only someone would express a little hositility (on-air) towards Jane Taber... I would be smiling for a week.

For me, one of the highlights of the past election campaign was when Layton actually was short towards Mansbridge who was indulging himself in "gotcha" interviewing.  It ranked right up there with Duceppe confront Harper during the Engish debate.

Too often media/politico relations mistake servility for politeness.


Me too. I don't want to take it with a shiteating grin on our faces. Harper never goes in front of the media and the scrape for his majesty. Yet when layton goes on they treat him like a 12 year old. I hate that old buzzard so I am proud of Layton on this one.

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Jacob Two-Two

You seem like a very confused individual, sniper. You're dissing Layton for being a camera-hog and for turning down an interview at the same time. When you contradict yourself within your own posts, people just tune you out, no matter what your views are. But I'm guessing you're used to that.

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