Lets choose our heroes wisely: Tune out... Read up... Show up to vote

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Lets choose our heroes wisely: Tune out... Read up... Show up to vote


Can I make a prediction?  Can I make a few comparisons too?

Let me start from the beginning.  The funny thing is even though I am a Canadian citizen I was way more embroiled in American politics—naively thinking that American politics were just more interesting.  As a Canadian I don’t think I am alone in being swept up with the American media over their elections every term.  I wasn’t interested in our politics because the kool-aid they were drinking over there was far from our stuffy way of politics here, right?  I knew there was a “Harper government” and yeah he was doing some questionable stuff to our country but I just assumed he was not going to get to be Prime Minister again.  I just assumed.   I also thought that Bush was probably not going to get elected for a second term either.

Canadian politics really started to tug at my interest after I had a fears debate about the last American election with my fellow Canadians over a card game at a friend’s house.  When I offered up the opinion that perhaps the Americans were being a bit manipulated by the press in believing that they only had 2 options to choose from.  I was greeted with a kind of aggressive Obama admiration that verged on a religious vigor for the guy.  Dripping hate was expressed for Mitt Romney….and I had to ask myself why did we feel so strongly for a government that was not even our own?  Was it just Mitt Romney and Obama, and if not who were the Third Parties?  Who also had a voice in this debate?  Who were those voices and why were they snuffed out? Don’t get me wrong, I liked Obama, I cried at his inauguration speech the first time he got in.  Hell, I most likely would have voted for him again because of all the hype for these 2 candidates. So that being said I was taken aback when my view point was dismissed in that the people had more options than one or the other.

Check it out:  US Third Party Presidential Debate (Moderated by Larry King)


These candidates are absolutely amazing… it’s just that nobody heard from them.

Why? I ask myself did we never hear from them… and how does this reflect on the future of our politics in Canada?

I didn’t really get into politics in “this” country until the last Provincial Election in BC.  I was the 50% of British Columbians that didn’t even show up to cast my vote.  I watched the debate online after the election was over just to see if I could even get into Canadian politics.    I am happy to say they consume my waking life now.  There is something happening in our country right under our noses and if we stay complacent it’s easier to listen to the lies.  Especially after I saw that barely half of us showed up to vote and yes including myself.  A mistake I will not be making again. 

So let me get to my point.  With the introduction of Justin Trudeau as the liberal party candidate and the media frenzy that followed.  I have to ask myself “Why this guy?” and “Why now?” and “Why all the hype?” Is it possible that big business has its hand in the Harper government and perhaps they are getting the feeling that Canada is really hoping for a change in the next election?  What better way than stirring up the youth vote.  If I can make some broad predictions that perhaps in 2015 we will see, its that Harper will be visualized as “Bush” in his last term in office and the “people” will be so angry with his way of government they will be praying for a Savior.  “Anybody BUT Harper/Bush!!!” we will be shouting from the roof tops.  In swoops Obama/Trudeau he is young- good looking and apparently “for the people” but he doesn’t actually have a lot of experience but that’s ok the cameras love him… is any of this ringing any bells?

So I really have to criticize the press when they offer up to the people “One or the other.”  What I really would like them to be asking is “Who are all the candidates?” and “What do ALL the candidates stand for?”  If Trudeau gets in will people be saying 11 years from now, after Justin has been elected again,  “Well… you know he had a lot of cleaning up to do after the Harper government and that takes time.” but nothing actually changed. (sound familiar?)  Are we just repeating what the Americans have been doing for the last couple decades?  I have to wonder are the Americans a bit disillusioned at this point?  With all the Canadians standing on the side lines watching with equal vigor are we equally disillusioned at this point and will that effect our vote?  If media villainizes one in favor of another party is that really healthy for the people? This should be the time that Canadians had choices and it should be less about left or right and more about the people.  We should be asking tough questions to all our candidates and base our vote on not just media but the actions of our potential leaders. Lets get back to politics not just the mouth pieces and choose our heroes wisely. 

4 ways to know that big government and big business is involved is in our media

1—a message of hate

2—a message of fear

3— limited choices

4--- When they pretend to be ‘the people”

My hope is that all Canadians young and old will explore all their choices and decide what their vote truly stands for.  Instead of attacking any one party we will stand up for the right to choose. An informed choice is better than a vote based off who you don’t want to get in.

Tune out - read up - show up to vote…


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