Liberal Bias at the Huffington Post

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Liberal Bias at the Huffington Post

Another Huff Post article fawning all over Trudeau. I almost want to tell them to get a room. And on CBC yesterday, Althia Raj fawning all over the LPC. They better pick Trudeau or the anti-NDP media aren't going to know what to do with themselves. Its like the Huff Post has become the LPC friendly version of Sun Media.

Arthur Cramer's take on the American Huffpo's intrusion into Canada.

Given the American inability to see more than half of the political spectrum, I wouldn't expect anything else from this source. If it doesn't directly pair with Republican/Democrat, it doesn't make sense, or it's radical and fringe.

The fact that progressive Canadians give the vaguely re-worked any attention at all leads me to despair. This is just Deep Integration via the media...

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Why stop there? Add the CBC to that list

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Well, its been a very long time since anyone has posted in this thread, but here we go again. At the Huff Post today, "Andrew Leslie Mulls Run For Liberals In Ottawa-Orléans Riding", The problem is, though, they've already done this story,  here, Yep that's right, the same basic story republsihed, about two months apart. I had a Lib tell me that the reason the Huff Post does this is because the polls show the Libs leading and that the Huff Pos's shilling for the Libs is balaned, based on the polls. In other words, how much coverage you get only depends on what the trend in the polls is. Anyone who thinks 2015 is going to be easy for the NDP, give your heads a shake. More of this to come. Disgusting.

Skinny Dipper

What I notice about the Huffington Post is that is is not so much a "newspaper" as it is a "social commentary website."  It doesn't present the news.  Rather it presents opinions about the news.  Who gets published and who doesn't, I don't know.  I would like to know how much those writing commentaries are getting paid for their pieces.  Do they get paid anything at all?

There's nothing wrong with "social commentary websites" as there are plenty around, and they can provide thoughtful interpretation of news events sometimes.  Rabble is a good example.  Fox News is not so great!  I'm being polite with Fox.

I need to go back to reading the Huffington Post to find out what actually happened in the Toronto vs. Buffalo hockey game.  Wait, I can't find out that information.


The problem with the Huffington Post is that it takes on the appearance of an online newspaper and mixes biased commentary together with aggregated news stories.  And YES they are very much biased towards the Liberal Party, this has become blatantly obvious since April, 2013.  For the past seven months their front pages have been dominated by images of Justin Trudeau and news stories presenting the Liberal leader in a positive light, mixed in there are often shallow editorials about how the Liberal by-elections "gains" will impact 2015, musings about his pot admission and inuendo regarding his alleged appeal to young people.


They are definitely trying to sell Canadians something and as a progressive who wants real news and has no time for personality based, drivvel and Liberal electioneering I've made the consciencious decision to boycott the Huffington Post completely and encourage all of my friends to do the same.   


I would like to make a suggestion and in time I will publish this for the benefit of all Rabble readers.  The suggestion being that progressives (beyond dyed in the whool, partisan Liberals) committ to a complete boycott of the Huffington Post from now until the 2015 election.  We have already established that their editorers are biased and have an objective and it's one that Canadian progressives should find offensive, electioneering on behalf of the Liberal Party.  

Don't just boycott the Huffington Post, tell people that you're boycotting the Huffington Post and stick with it, it's amazing how quickly reputations can spread.  Don't assist a bunch of bloggers in duping Canadian voters.  



If we do boycott the Huffington Post, what will we really be missing out on?  Newsstories that we can already read on CBC, the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and National Post?  Arranged at the discretion of editors we know to have an agenda.  The blogs of JJ McCullough including lop-sided attacks against the NDP's record and musings over the benefits of American annexation?  By the way, I'm not talking about free trade, I really mean annexation.  He actually wrote a blog piece about that.  Opinion pieces by Carolyn Bennett and Stephan Dion mixed into the aggraggated news sources letting us know in cliched terms that the Liberal Party is the only party Canadians can trust?  Or the same facts about the Rob Ford drama regurgitated over and over again in a manner befiting Entertainment Tonight?  

The Huffington Post doesn't deserve the attention of left-leaning Canadians, good riddance.  







I hate Huffington Post. For more details, see [url=



I took them out of my tweeter follow along with anyone related. And started following

related to this past post to the link Unionist provided (ty)

August 20, 2011 - 8:36am #11

1. National Writers Union boycotts HuffPo Canada

2. New Democrats & other progressives avoid contributing to HuffPo in solidarity with Union

3. People here wonder why it's so Liberal and lacks progressive voices?