Mansbridge interviews buddy Black of Con Harbour

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Mansbridge interviews buddy Black of Con Harbour

It is a funny, bizarre coincidence that I got my TV on again after 5 months without it... and the first thing I saw was the CBC National News, just in time to see Peter Manbridge stumble apologetically as he tried not to offend Conrad Black when showing the photos of Black carrying boxes down the stairwell at Hollinger Int.

 "I I I I, I don't mean to, ummm, be, uh uh, but these pictures...." said Mansbridge. [WHAT A SELL OUT]

LOLLLLL!!! I am asking for my $27 cable fee back and I will probably never watch anything but movies on the big box in the corner of my living room.

TV is SO NOISY - the ads are way louder than the programs.You would notice it too if you leave it off for a month. Its amazing what we put up with. I fell for it too, I am not saying I am better or something...

Its been nice to not have the cable attached to it.


The alt news online is SO much better...

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In other "Conrad Black is a Big Doofus" news:

Conrad Black blasts Mulcair over British criminal "cheap shot": Globe and Mail


Lord Black, 67, said he would like to move beyond his conviction rather than being "stigmatized for life ... like a medieval leper, with bells on my head to warn the unsuspecting of the approach of moral taint and turpitude."

He said it's "un-Canadian" to repeatedly bring up the conviction, calling it a "constant sadistic reference to my alleged status according to the trumped-up system of the palace of corruption and hypocrisy of a courthouse in Chicago."


"I [have] reached the age where I'm tired of being oppressed and I'm tired of being defamed and I am not going to do anything that is going to lead to gratuitously antagonistic people making apparently plausible claims that I am morally unsuited to be a citizen of this country."

Cry me a fucking river.

But I do have to admit that I somewhat agree with his COMPLETELY SELF-SERVING views on not locking up non-violent offenders, many times white collar crime causes violence too, just not the obvious kind. Like, you know, stealing workers' pensions THAT THEY EARNED WITH THEIR LABOUR. What then, Lord Black? 

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I was channel surfing last night and landed on The National just long enough to see that segment of Mansbridge discussing the photos with the crook. Why on earth does CBC have to interview this self-righteous prick??? No one in Canada with any self respect pays attention to that bloated pretentious jerk.

duncan cameron

Does anybody think Lord Black of Cross Harbour was being pre-interviewed to see how he would do on the At Issue panel?

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Oh, God help us, Duncan!!! Surprised

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I accidentally watched Rex Murphy's "take" on Lord Defamed last week. I got vomit all over my clothes. Murphy and Mansbridge must be pleased as punch to have their ol' buddy back to chortle with.

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Black made a point of saying that he didn't get in touch with anyone in the government around his return to Canada.

That's the bloody point.   He didn't have to.   Membership in the ruling class has it's privileges.

duncan cameron

The privileges accorded Conrad Black include being invited to use the National to re-launch his public career. It is sad to see the CBC contribute to the decline in Canadian public culture where our artists, writers, scientists, and researchers are no where to be seen. ironically the National mimics Blacks National Post in the way its portrays the country, so it folllows that Peter invites Black for a very long one on one (taking up minutes not given over to Quebec students, the Eurozone, the G8/G20, etc.) since he is seen as an important opinion leader. Normally, only non-Canadians get this type of special treatment, so maybe becoming a British Lord had something to do with his being invited as well.

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It was outrageous that The National gave Black such an extravagant stage. Mansbridge has cemented his reputation as a complete shithead.


A law stripping voting rights from more than a million expatriate Canadians who have lived abroad for more than five years should be struck down as unconstitutional, according to a legal challenge served on the federal government Tuesday.

The new application, filed in Ontario Superior Court on behalf of two Canadians living in the United States, argues the five-year rule in the Canada Elections Act is arbitrary and unreasonable.


Good thing Black had already renounced his citizenship and not served 5+ years in the US.


I wonder how this would apply to any Canadians held in Gitmo?

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From His Bloatedness' first public speech (in front of the Empire Club) on Friday (as reported in the G&M):

As most of you know, I've been through some difficult moments... no one who has not gone through it can know how lonely it is to be unjustly convicted...

Which of course leads me to wonder, how can someone so truly lacking any insight into the nature of their crimes be allowed back onto the streets (or the boardrooms)?

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bagkitty wrote:
 Which of course leads me to wonder, how can someone so truly lacking any insight into the nature of their crimes be allowed back onto the streets (or the boardrooms)?

Because his buddies have done far worse. They were just smart enough to check for new security cameras before commtting their crimes.