Manufactured Consent: Made in Canada

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Manufactured Consent: Made in Canada

Manufacturing Consent: Made in Canada

The banning of George Galloway from entering Canada to give a fews talks at the invitation of some anti-war groups has been a watershed moment for me.

I never realized how biased, lazy, and shabby journalism in this country had become. I'm shocked by the abuse of process that Jason Kenney and other ministers are getting away with, and the phony moral and legal arguments proferred by the government, opposition, and the MSM in Canada trying to support this brave new world. Our politicians have become the servants and sycophants of our media masters.

There have been some epiphanies for me.  The first is that it is the Israeli occupiers that are the real terrorist organization Canadians need to fear, not Hamas.  The second is that Canada's mainstream media is not be trusted - especially when it comes to the middle east and the Palestinians.  The third is that Afghanistan was a horrible mistake.  George Galloway is right and always was. The sooner we pull out of Afghanistan and drop our support for Israel's expansion of illegal settlements, the better.

This is now the fifth blog on Canadian politics/media/mid-east that I never dreamed I would write.  There will be more.

I truly hope Canwest goes bankrupt and the unemployed workers of Canwest set out to recreate low cost newspaper internet based news services that support the city or community they onced served.  I actually think that might work.  The old model is hopelessly broken.