Meltdown at the Walrus - Jane Lytvynenko and Jesse Brown

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little eiffel
Meltdown at the Walrus - Jane Lytvynenko and Jesse Brown

Abusing unpaid interns - this is indeed worse than despicable. Shut the fuckers down until they are unionized.

ikosmos ikosmos's picture

We should have blacklists for bosses.

Mr. Magoo

My wife and I leave our radio tuned to CFMX, a local classical station (sort of as an auditory "night light") and it's fascinating to listen to their ads (and thereby, guess at their target demographic).  Lots of ads for swanky jewelry stores, luxury autos, expensive vacations and The Walrus.

laine lowe laine lowe's picture

So it was Ambrose who brought in all the Petro $$$ advertising, interesting. One thing I have noticed since JKay's tenure is that the issues look and feel cheaper. Less quality content and lower production values (cheaper paper stock, etc). I guess Ambrose $70k pay raise had to be carved out of somewhere. Plus JKay plays both editor and contributor in the recent issues I have read.