National Post retreats to its bunker

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aka Mycroft
National Post retreats to its bunker


aka Mycroft

[url= appears that the National Post is pulling out of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and terminating many (all?) of its newspaper boxes in Central Canada[/url]

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Yeah, I noticed that the Post newspaper box at my bus stop had a notice in it saying they weren't going to be stocking it anymore after some date in November (forget when).


I thought the N666 Post was only available as a freebie when you stay in hotels. Who would have thought that they had newspaper boxes or that it was on sale somewhere.


Wow so capitalism does work it only takes 15 years and 150 million in loses for it to happen. Gee wiz I guess there is no way socialism could be that efficient.

Oh sorry I am just enjoying this schedenfraude moment.

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aka Mycroft


Originally posted by thorin_bane:
[b]Wow so capitalism does work it only takes 15 years and 150 million in loses for it to happen. [/b]

Actually, the Post is only 10 years old.


Home delivery in Saskatchewan stopped some time ago, in fact.

There are also noticeably fewer retail outlets (e.g. convenience stores, supermarkets) carrying the NP in SK.

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Originally posted by aka Mycroft:

Actually, the Post is only 10 years old.[/b]

It only seems like 15.

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I always think of it as two years old and in the midst of a full-blown screaming tantrum.


The papier-mache association of the Great Lakes Region has asked for a Royal Commission.


Didn't it start out as the money losing financal post?

bush is gone ha...

 Interesting pick of thread title, bunker...

Maybe like events in the bunker in Berlin ended the war in Europe, the Nazi Post will come to an end with this retreat.  Still, I like to read it on occasion for a change. stuck with Goebbels' Mail now.  print media is on the way out, its those $$%^%$ flyers that make money.  Maybe regroup and find a niche market?  

-New Democratic? yes it is a new form of democracy, I don't recognize it.


kropotkin1951 wrote:
I thought the N666 Post was only available as a freebie when you stay in hotels.

Does anyone know why that is? Like, why the NP? Why do you never see The Star or The Globe at hotels? I know that the Star gives away freebies at hospitals.

Personally, I enjoy reading it when I feel the need to be infuriated...never in a public place though! Lest someone think I was actually agreeing with the drivel within its pages... I can only hope that Conrad Black is being forced to use old issues of the Post as toilet paper.

George Victor



 The imagery on M'lord Black is wonderful. 


Drat--I'll have to start lining the cat litter with the Toronto Sun again.

Damn staplesTongue out

aka Mycroft

They actually had a pretty good article today on Nixon's continuing influence on Republican strategy.

It can't be long before the Aspers start selling off or shutting down pieces of their empire.

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aka Mycroft wrote:
It can't be long before the Aspers start selling off or shutting down pieces of their empire.

I'll say as of yesterday even, when they announced the close to 600 employee layoffs.

Hmm, one would think that they would finally get people are not into buying, or listening to, propaganda and start with non-biased reporting, in order to save their empire. But it seems unlikely, as they bought up those were spreading actual facts in order to silence them, and it worked as they are now out of business and in this climate it would be doubtful that anyone would be stepping up and starting a new media source.

However, I am very disappointed, as we used to get the non-bought papers, and huge stacks of them, from the local stores here to use as fire starter for our wood stove, and now will have to get fire starter from some other source.Cry


"watching the tide roll away"

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And budgies throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba rejoice.

Jacob Two-Two

Hey, this reminds me that a few years back I posted my own personal NP deathwatch on babble, giving them a certain amount of time before they folded. I gotta dig that up and see what I said.


Politics aside,

The focus on the Sunshine Girl takes away any credibility they could ever hope to achieve.

I think most people think 'moron' when they see someone on the Subway reading the National Post. The could continue to get away with their slanted coverate of national and international events, if they cleaned it up a little.

How many people buy it for the Sunshine girl anyways? Wouldn't they be better served by just getting regular pornography?




The Post has a Sunshine girl?


The Post the Sun...same difference. Both horrible. And definitely a good idea not to read either of those papers in public.


Cuts down the ability to get good dates. Wink


When I was touring Jolly Olde decades ago, I used to grab the first available paper before I boarded the train to where ever I was going.  Often, it was the type of paper that had totally naked "sunshine girls". 

My cousin told me that on the train, you were judged by the company of newspaper you kept.   Coincidence or not, I have no  dating adventures to relate due to chance meetings on an English train.

Uninterestingly enough, people expected the Post to undergo an ideological shift when ownership transferred from the Conservative Black to the Liberal Aspers. 

The fact that it didn't is a real giveaway.

One thing we do know, is that newspapers with unabashed, dogmatic right wing ideology don't fare well in the market place.