New Star Books hit by arson again.

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New Star Books hit by arson again.

Friday morning. The last time was two years ago.

Publisher suspects that it may have been a bad business deal.

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Sometimes awful things like this happen to the best of people. I know Rolf through serving on the board of the People's Co-Op Bookstore, which I've been on for the past year. The bookstore went through hard financial times after they laid off their long-time manager in early 2012 -- things appear to be looking up at the moment -- and were it not for Rolf's hard work and dediction, the bookstore would probably not have survived. So I have a ton of respect for Rolf.

I also consider New Star Books to be one of the best book publishers in Canada.

So yeah, I'm just really thankful that Rolf got out alive, and that he's ok.