Not being told about ...

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Not being told about ...

Mainstream media is NOT TELLING US ABOUT THE SWINE FLU INQUIRIES going on in France, Britain, Russia, etc.. {See more about this in my post in Body and Soul forum}


Also, we are not hearing much about the British or the Dutch inquiries into the "lies that started the Iraq war". Some, but not much. Tony Blair testified last week - DIDJA KNOW?? - Not much, I agree [lol, thats the funniest thing I said today, with apologies...]


  What happened to Climate Change after Copenhagen? Media didn't even have much of a wrap up on that, despite the fact that COP 15 was so important to our future, and that it failed get any agreement on emissions reductions.

 In fact, mass media has done such a poor job on global warming that "the majority of Americans do not believe it is a serious issue". Just ask them why they have that opinion and they might say "they never found any yellowcake, and besides that the climate scientists admitted trying to TRICK us".


  So mainstream news is failing us, and we should be wary of any messages they are sending in their news stories as they shape public opinions.  At least we have the internet, and all the "alternative news sites" that are doing the reporting of current issues of importance. If we do a little digging we can still be somewhat informed.