Not sure where this should go, but . . .

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Not sure where this should go, but . . .

I thought perhaps this might appeal to babblers.


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Okay, looks like we can't post video anymore.  Try it this way.



Malcolm thanks so much; that is wonderful. I posted it to my facebook page and blog. Girlfriends, I got a peace plan and let's knock it off. Whose in?Cool


Our kids live together and play together in their communities, let's have them learn together too!

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That is Brilliant!!!

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Sorry can't view youtube with dial up, could someone give a brief?

"watching the tide roll away"

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Malcolm wrote:

Not sure where this should go, but . . .

Brilliant thread title, Malcolm. Really captures the essence of the topic. Thanks a bunch.

BTW are you at all familiar with [url=][u]this thread[/u][/url]?? 

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Remind, it's entitled Old Fat Naked Ladies for Peace.  It's excellent, worth checking out when you visit someone with high speed.  :)

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I was not aware of that thread.  I don't generally go to the culture thread, Philistine that I am.

Papal Bull

That was enjoyable and well done.


This is  not.