Nov 5 interview by John Pilger of Julian Assange

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Nov 5 interview by John Pilger of Julian Assange

RT will be airing John Pilger's interview of Julian Assange on Saturday, Nov 5.

In the interview, Assange shows, with the evidence unearthed by Wikileaks, that the Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton knowingly accepted millions in donations to the Clinton foundation (used to fund her campaign) from the very same Qatari and Saudi regimes that have been funding the terrorists in Syria. Assange shows that Clinton knew, and approved, these barbarous regimes funding the terrorists.

Clinton should be in jail.

On Tuesday, there is a very real chance that a criminal will be "elected" as POTUS.


See Clinton and ISIS funded by the same money.

Martin N.

The choice, as your RT so charmingly puts it, is "between cholera and gonorrhoea". Surely you and your idol, Vladimir, lean toward the more social of the diseases?

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Choose your poison. If I was a USian, I'd probably vote for Jill Stein. Putin has been careful to maintain an equaniminous neutrality about the whole circus of the US "election" , and he's probably going to be relieved for this Barnum and Bailey event to come to an end. The incendiary Russophobia of the election cycle has been apoplectic this time around. The entire Clinton campaign strategy has revolved around a newly refurbished neo-McCarthyism, trying to link their GOP rival with a foreign government, in a desperate atttempt to sidetrack the public from the shocking Wikipedia revelations about the criminal malfeasance of HRC.

The Russian fleet is moving towards Syria to "mop up"  the NATO/Gulf State sponsored terrorists in Aleppo. This will put to rest any US attempt at regime change in Syria. [Not that the fighting will end.] Whoever wins on Tuesday won't take office until January. But it will make for an interesting E-Day.

I'm looking forward to Pilger's interview. He's quite brilliant, in his own right, and important enough for Assange to interview him. Heh.

And, God willing, the terrorists will be discovering whether the blissful promises of an jihadi afterlife are really true.

Martin N.

As far as I recall, Trump merely mentioned talking to Putin ( in the context of not talking to him, I suppose) and the talking heads lost any rational thought of foreign relations to berate Trump as naive and unqualified.


I appreciate the unholy alliance that unites Assange and Trump: they share a certain criminal proclivity for sexually assaulting women and so its not hard to see why the mutual hate is on for Hillary.

But we do not need to let unsubstantiated clap-trap clog up a Babble discussion. Despite what ikosmos and fellow on-line Trump-eters claim, there is absolutely no evidence of any sort from wikileaks or wherever that funds from the Clinton Foundation have been used to fund her election campaign.  

Just because Rudy Guiliani says something doesn't make it true. In fact, quite the opposite. 

Mr. Magoo

Here's how I'd like to see it go:

Assange:  "And another thing about Clinton..."

Pilger:  "We're not talking about Clinton, we're talking about whether snoring constitutes consent."

I hear all the time about how so-called "journalists" only lob easy wiffle-balls.  Let' Pilger show us the way.


Most of the interview will consist of them telling each other how awesome they are.

Martin N.

I'm more interested in how the Clintons amassed this amount of loot. Hiding behind a foundation does nothing to distance them from controversial funds.

The fact that Julian Assange has eluded CreepCatchers so far does nothing to enhance his stature, such as it is.

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Actually, they aren't hiding behind the foundation. As a public servant, Hillary Clinton has had to submit her income sources and her spouse's income for review, first as a senator and then as secretary of state. It's a matter of public record. Speaking engagements and book sales make up the bulk of their income. There's no mystery there. The foundation's finances are seperate and also a matter of public record.


Assange: 'Clinton is A Cog For Goldman Sachs & The Saudis'

"...The rhetoric is pretending, constantly pretending that I have been charged with a crime, never mentioning that I have been already previously cleared, never mentioning that the woman herself says that the police made it up, trying to avoid that the UN formally found that the whole thing is illegal.

Never even mentioning that Ecuador made a formal assessment through its formal processes and found that yes, I am subject to persecution by the United States..."



NDPP wrote:

Assange: 'Clinton is A Cog For Goldman Sachs & The Saudis'

This must be a different Goldman Sachs then:


The GS 'vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity' has its tentacles everywhere. Clinton, Trump and many more too.



"Whistleblower Julian Assange has given one of his most incendiary interviews ever in a John Pilger special, courtesy of Dartmouth Films..."

An important interview. Please share widely

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sherpa-finn wrote:
I appreciate the unholy alliance that unites Assange and Trump ...

I too appreciate the unholy alliance between Clinton and the Saudi fundamentalist regime; it's much like the unholy alliance between Dubya and the Saudis.

And those Saudis, like Clinton, are such great protagonists of the rights of women. Hell, yeah.

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ikosmos wrote:

LIVE right now.

Right on.

And already posted to #11 if you miss it..

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Absolutely brilliant.

...the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are funding ISIL. This is from an e mail by Hilary Clinton to her campaign maanger, John Podesta. She knew these barbarous regimes, officially, were funding the terrorists.

So, the same people who are funding terrorists are generous donors to Clinton. And she knew it, knows it.

Julian Assange wrote:
Trump will not be permitted to win.

If Trump wins, I read that as saying that the deep state will do to him what they did to Kennedy. And quickly, too.

Julian Assange wrote:
I haven's seen sunlight in so long that I don't remember it. ... My children also adapt ... without their father.

Yes, the West has political prisoners. But no state accepts that political prisoners are political.

Julian Assange wrote:
The rhetoric is the constant pretending that I have been charged with a crime.

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The full text of this invaluable interview of one of the most important public figure of our time by, arguably, the greatest living English-language documentary film maker alive is a must see.

See John  Pilger interviews Julian Assange

Of course the barking dogs of the Hillary campaign will bark. Who cares?

Perhaps above all, Assange's outline of the role of this new Agrippina on the Potomac, this gloating pig over the sodomizing murder of the Libyan Head of State, this power-mad Galadriel with the ring of power in the White House, ... is that the destruction of the Libyan state was, for her, simply a means to an end, which was her campaign for the White House, and, as I've noted above, her well-funded campaign by the very same medieval Wahhabist barbarians who fund the jihadists in Syria.