Obama, Gates to open "Global Caring Portal"

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Obama, Gates to open "Global Caring Portal"



President Barack Obama and Bill Gates are being invited to back a website that promotes social politics.

The web portal, entitled Hope Plus, aims to offer online tools to enable social projects such as building schools and fighting pollution.

Although still being created, the site is billed as "a place where people can meet, congregate and participate..to change the world online".

It aims to launch in December at the Copenhagen Climate Change conference.

The project, which is still under development, is being set up by US-based consultancy PoliticsOnline.


As if they won't back away in horror if this actually starts to change anything. Still, it might just develop into a useful resource for that.

Enviralment Enviralment's picture

Seeing Obama's administration embraces the power of the web and in paticular - social media, I'd be surprised if they did not get behind this whole heartldy. Should be win win for both.

Frustrated Mess Frustrated Mess's picture

Wouldn't it be nice if they just stopped killing people? Now that would be a change.