Pro-Zionist Media Bias II

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nonest factum wrote:

as has been posted by others:


"She said that "Jews should go back to where they came from", being Germany, Poland, America. My point was that the majority of Jewish people in the region will not move to these countries willingly, so the obvious outcome of this position is that they would have to be forcibly removed.  I cannot believe her statement is being defended! "

While indigenous Palestinians continue to be displaced from their ancestral lands the Israeli state continues to boost the Jewish population with foreign imports. It was this fact of ongoing Israeli colonization that so disgusts Ms.Thomas - and several billion fellow humans with actual functioning intellects. As opposed to the hasbara-spewing accomplices of a criminal enterprise.

Sorry, Unionist...a moment of weakness...

nonest factum

And what makes her position  more ridiculous is that logically:
all the Brits, French etc. in Canada, all the Brits in Australia, New Zealand, all the Brits (and come to think of it everyone) in the USA should all go back where they came from. (Forgot about the Sauds.)


Makes total sense if you live in Bizaro world.

Clearly the woman is senile and has outlasted any usefulness other than to feather the nest of the lunatic fringe.

Merowe opposed to the hasbara-spewing accomplices of a criminal enterprise.


Not only has this troll ruined my sunny Sunday morning mood - it has ruined this thread by improper formatting - using [ /quote ] instead of [ quote ] in post #99. These are heinous crimes in any moral code.



crosspost. my last in response to that-which-lives-under-a-bridge and not Unionist, obviously.

nonest factum
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Just briefly re-opening to say that our latinate friend is gone. Nice of him to post in a Carole James thread for balance this time around.


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