Protest Against Canadian Mine in Mexico

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Protest Against Canadian Mine in Mexico

Sometimes it is about "what we are NOT being told".

This website from South America has a lot of the news from that part of the world that does not make the Canadian news >


One story that caught my eye was about a Canadian mining firm that has a mine in Mexico, and that the locals are protesting on a daily basis. I thought that kind of thing was newsworthy, but I suppose there are a lot of cute animal stories that need to be fitted into the news hour.

Here is that article:

Activists in Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico, blocked a highly unpopular gold mine on July 22 that continues to operate despite government orders to desist. Activists announced that if the Canadian company, New Gold Inc., and its subsidiary, Mineria San Xavier, continue their illegal operations, there would be more blockades of the mine in the future.

Around 50 people gathered at the fence of the San Xavier mine on Thursday, placing a padlock on the gates and blocking supplier shipments during their three hour rally. Simultaneously, demonstrators also rallied in front of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City. The action coincided with the Global Day of Action Against Open Pit Mining.

The New Gold mine was previously ordered to shut down by Mexico's Environmental Enforcement Agency (PROFEPA) in November 2009, but on March 20, 2010, it began operations again. This mining project, previously held by Canadian company Metallica Resources, had dodged public and legal opinion before. In 2004, a federal tribunal had ruled against mining operations in the region. Metallica appealed that decision, but lost again in 2005. Despite this, in 2006, they were granted a new environmental permit, under questionable and controversial circumstances. The company began mining that year.

In 2009, however, rulings by the Ninth Circuit Administrative Court and the Federal Tribunal of Fiscal and Administrative Justice found that the environmental permit was not legal, and indeed the project should have been void before the digging began. Mexico's Federal Agrarian Courts also found that a number of signatories on New Gold's contracts with communal land owners were fraudulent, nullifying their land use contracts. On June 30 of this year, the Fifth District Court of the Auxiliary Center of the First Region in México City affirmed the Ninth Circuit's ruling.

The FAO (Frente Amplio Opositor) is an organization who was been opposing New Gold's Mineria San Xavier open pit mine through legal battles and public education. Consequently, they have been targets of police harassment and local violence. In 2006, FAO organizer Enrique Rivera was attacked and hit repeatedly on the head by several men. Veronica Islas, reports in her article, "A Mining Refugee in Canada", that witnesses heard the attackers shouting, "If you continue talking , you are going to die". In 2007, Rivera learned five students demonstrating against the mine were arrested and tortured by police in order to obtain testimonies against him. Rivera fled México to Canada, where he was granted political asylum this spring.

In front of the Canadian embassy in México City on Thursday, a member of the FAO, Ivette Lacaba, told the press that New Gold uses 25 tons of explosives daily, in violation of regulations concerning proximity to urban zones. She says, the mine uses 32 million liters of water a day, which is mixed with 16 tons of the cyanide used in processing gold ore from rock. FAO member, Juan Carlos Ruiz Guadalajara, was present at the blockade of the New Gold mine in historic Cerro de San Pedro. He says, the mine must be closed, and that the state and federal government must initiate inquiries into the corruption that has allowed the operation to move forward. Ruiz Guadalajara says the illegal gold mining operations being conducted by New Gold are causing irreversible damage to the environmental and cultural integrity of Cerro de San Perdo, San Luis Potosi. The FAO announced that they would continue intermittent blockades of mining production in August.

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New - Canadian Mining corporation "Goldcorp" facing criminal charges in Honduras

Monday, 16 August 2010 16:35

Over the past few years, Rights Action has supported and worked closely with the Siria Valley Environmental Defense Committee, reporting on a wide range of environmental and health harms, and other human rights violations, caused by Goldcorp Inc's "San Martin" open-pit, cyanide leaching mine.

The Siria Valley Environmental Defense Committee, Rights Action and other groups have denounced the range of harms and violations inside Honduras, and to the Canadian government, the company itself, and many investors (such as the Canada Pension Plan) that are profiting greatly from their investments in Goldcorp, given the record high prices of gold.

These denunciations have fallen on deaf ears in Canada - including in the Canadian media that rarely investigates or reports on these issues, enabling Goldcorp to continue to operate with impunity and immunity from any effective accountability.

Goldcorp Inc. denies any wrong doing, harms or violations whatsoever, despite the growing list of well-documented harms and violations.


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Zapotec Protesters Shot on Behalf of Canadian Mining Company

"...Ever since Fortuna Silver arrived on the scene, there has been a great deal of tension in the community. In any case, one thing is clear: Bernardo Mendez Vasquez and Abigail Vasquez Sanchez were ultimately shot on behalf of a Canadian mining company.."

520 years of Indigenous resistance to invasion, occupation and despoilation