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"What this is about", or has become, is a long plea for fairness,from someone whose bread and butter comes from the sale of things, the advertising that is adding to the commodification of the universe.

I cannot find in your ramblings ANY call for excellence and honesty in programming. And your dismissal of the BBC attests to that vacuum of concern. Your arguments are frighteningly like those of the Great Misled...and its very easy to see how their concerns as "taxpayers" came to replace their role as citizens.

As for this: "But I see you are making an argument that the BBC gets more money than the CBC so that justifies the current funding or maybe an increase? I thought Canada was unique, so why are we comparing the CBC to the BBC which is an international broadcaster as much as it is a domestic broadcaster."

EVERY goddam advanced industrial country forks out more for its public broadcaster - PER BLOODY CAPITA - than Canada. THAT is Canada's uniqueness, one that is going to be increasingly important with every effing budget that the Cons bring down.

Wake up.


Where is the clapping hands emoticon when I need it?

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K2A is more concerned with the vanquishing of competing news teams ("Take that, you spoiled union brats with your better qualifications and your fancy-assed benefits!!") than he is about quality programming or a Canadian voice.  He doesn't know what he's talking about and he doesn't care to know.  Head so far up his ass he hears nothing but his own gastric gurglings.  Don't waste your energy.

(PS - the only way your employer could be putting more in the CMF system than it is pulling out is if it is a large conglomerate that also has an affiliated cable supplier under the parent umbrella.  Which means that the cable division is making money hand over fist for providing the pipeline for the content - and the CRTC figures that putting money back into the system that creates the content you sell to your subscribers is the cost of doing business.  In short, the production division of that conglomerate may not take out 100% of what the cable division puts in, but the cable division makes $$ on EVERYTHING EVERYBODY MAKES INCLUDING THE CBC.  So hard to have to share the sandbox, boo, boo, boo!)


I admire your forbearance in engaging K2A, Timenbandit.

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