The Revolution Just Started

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G. Muffin
The Revolution Just Started

I don't know why nobody told you.


[Rinse and repeat.]


If you're into hair washing, that is.  They bought and sold you.


Give me an assignment.


I'll get her done.


But watch out for the bad language.


We must surely be learning.

G. Muffin

Tip:  Wear sunglasses.  At all times.


Enough already!!! Are there any moderators on this site???

G. Muffin

You want a negotiator?  Call The Goodbye Pie.

Too bad she's unlisted.

You are denying her gender and her race and her sexuality.

It's confusing and even TGP couldn't talk some moron into GRS.

I look at you all.


While my guitar gently weeps.


Think that's Depp?


Stay away from ANYYYEEE Rand.


Politicize it.


Ask yourselves.


Wring your hand.


What is TGP missing?


And how can we take it away more painfully.


Cause this ends at the Vancouver Airport.



On YouTube.



Choose wisely.



I'm armed only with my wits and the unbearable burden of RD.


Good luck out there.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I don't know if hostake negoatiion is an atural field of study?





She is not a girl who misses much.




Charles Manson.  Your bedsheet is calling.  TGP took over.


QWERTY Shorthand (bourhg to you by TGP)



National TGrust


Where is Charlotn Heston'



Let's get gun constrl solved right now.






In ral time




Need a fix.



Motjher Superior.











She jumped the gun.






TGP is too smart for that BS>









I need 911.  Good luck. 

G. Muffin

TOO FUCKING LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G. Muffin

Told Kate.

G. Muffin

She'll tell Andre

G. Muffin

Robert is calling.

G. Muffin

ny stape;l feld

G. Muffin

Fight back.  Smoke.



G. Muffin

get th edpigs


G. Muffin

you are going to die

G. Muffin

on my term

G. Muffin

phil 101

G. Muffin

i give you john lennon

G. Muffin

you can lock me up

G. Muffin

open curtain pigss blacks

G. Muffin

Risak k wgat dies ut ne

G. Muffin

Get a skill.  Support PSE>

G. Muffin



Hi G. Pie.  I've decided to shut down your account for now, as your posting is really starting to derail things around here.

I look forward to being able to open it again when we both feel the time is right.  You can email me. 

edited to amend:  sorry, I wrote the wrong account there.  That's [email protected]

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