Rogers acquires exclusive cross-platform rights to NHL games; CBC, TSN screwed

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Rogers acquires exclusive cross-platform rights to NHL games; CBC, TSN screwed

The CBC's reliance on Don Cherry's NHL cost them dearly

On Tuesday, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced a 12-year, $5.2-billion deal awarding Rogers Communications exclusive rights to all NHL games on all platforms -- cable, internet and mobile. In an instant, the Canadian sports media landscape shifted. TSN, the Canadian sports broadcasting leader for years, appeared to lose everything. Meanwhile, the CBC's venerable Hockey Night in Canada franchise, still reeling from losing their famous anthem a few years earlier (to none other than TSN), was reduced to a mote in the eye of Rogers' massive telecommunications network.

Stripped of editorial control, HNIC will show one or two games a week (of Rogers' choosing) until they fizzle out four years from now when their contract is up. Call it a parting gift from Bettman for their six decades of service to the NHL.

The deal has huge implications for hockey fans, of course -- Saturday night's big Canadian team games will no longer stream for free on, nor will they be available on public airwaves. It also signals a shift in the way media rights are distributed. CBC lost the television rights to 2010 Vancouver Olympics because they were outbid by CTV -- but it seems no amount of money would have saved them this time around.


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It's only a matter of time before hockey games become pay per view at $50 a pop.

The game has become so diluted and dull that I can't say I'll miss it.

Good riddance.


There are some definite societal advantages to reduced hockey viewing such as less Don Cherry, I really hope he gets the boot, and reduced violence.


And if the CBC News Dept gets shut down in the process, due to lack of funds, so much the better, as it will just mean one less right-wing news organization shilling for the right-wing Liberals.