Saving the Bankers with a Make-Believe War

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Saving the Bankers with a Make-Believe War

Saving the Bankers with a Make Believe War

"The Western media leads popular opinion to sympathize with the struggles of corporate raiders in order to help orchestrate the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. the media portrays the 'War of Terror' as a great struggle to save civilization, even though true "civilization" (the liberation of every soul through universal human rights) has not yet evolved. The media's one purpose is to try and encourage the 'free world' to sacrifice its children in a senseless struggle to preserve the destructive forces that have made the destruction of the old order inevitable.."

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America is not in any danger that its leaders have not created themselves, just as Pakistan is not in any danger other than that manufactured by its own military government, while serving America’s will. The only real danger we face is from our own dangerous leaders, just as the only real danger faced by our elitist leaders is that which emanates from the people becoming aware of their plans and beginning to offer stiff resistance to the idea of shipping their sons and daughters away to be abused by the military and then sent-off to kill or die in the latest resource wars.

The funny thing about resources, is that they will always be available to those who want them. Obtaining these resources only requires money, a lot less than that which is currently being spent by our government in its attempt to take the natural resources from others. We are not waging war in the gas and oil regions of the world for the right to purchase their products (we can already do that); we are fighting to own that which is not ours.

Stop your sons and daughters from serving in this bankers’ war. Convince them to serve their own countries, not the evil smiling parasites that have taken over all countries and brought the world to ruin.

It’s time for the world revolution.


Consciousness Capitalism:

"Capitalism has raped the resources of the world. Now corporations are left to strip human experience from life, then rent it back to us."


NDPP, Peter Chamberlin is a rabid antisemite who usually (but not always) writes in code, such as from your linked article:

Stop your sons and daughters from serving in this bankers' war. Convince them to serve their own countries, not the evil smiling parasites that have taken over all countries and brought the world to ruin.

It's time for the world revolution.

This is Nazi-style propaganda, my friend.

When he forgets to encrypt his hatred, he writes like this:


Israel and its supporters are the source of all the pro-war agitation. We awaken America by exposing Israel's hand as the motivating force behind the war, especially Congressional support for the war. Divide and conquer tactics must be used to separate the Zionist war from its American supporters, especially the "Christian-Zionists." Exposing the naïve blind sheep to the terror that is Palestine and to the anti-Christian nature of Zionism might influence a few of the fundamentalists who still have partially-opened minds. Other fundamentalists will turn away if they are made to realize the One World nature of this attack.

American Jews, especially the Jewish financiers, must face the truth that the fruits of their labors will be felt most acutely by them. In our campaign to disengage Israel from our government machinery we have no choice but to focus on the "Jewish factor" in the equation. Zionist billionaires, Israeli double agents, and the Israel lobby could not have the weighty impact that they have on American politics without the full support of the majority of American Jews. In matters concerning Israel, they vote as a block. Israel carries, all of the time, in this 2% of Americans.

Sorry to quote this crap, but I think it's necessary to understand some of the evil out there which exploits anti-Israel sentiment.


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thanks for your elaboration and additional bg on Chamberlin.


Chamberlin's anti-war message is bang on, NDPP. And he's right, this is a phony war. The US-NATO military occupation of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq has nothing to do with fighting terrorism. Nothing whatsoever. Capitalism's on its ass again, and capitalists are desperately seeking the much higher profit margins associated with war and socialism for the rich than they were able to extract from plastic widget googaw capitalism after the 1970's energy crises. I can't say much about his anti-Israeli sentiments though. We just don't do that here.  


hi Fidel - good you're back. I have no difficulty with the first part but great difficulty with the last.

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I'm going to close this as babble cannot have a thread featuring Paul Chamberlain. However, No Difference Party Pooper, please feel free to start a new one with links from normal people.

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