So what exactly is Ricochet?

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So what exactly is Ricochet?

I see it being played up on Twitter and Facebook today as a "new progressive media project". And recognize the names of some of the individuals behind it. But don't really understand what its all about.

Ricochet English

OP edited to give correct name and URL - CF


?? I get a 404 error page when I try to visit that link. And I see no references in a Twitter search. Facebook isn't searchable, so not sure where you saw it or why it apparently has been taken down.

What's up?



OH, I see! it's actually



Sorry, it's late and I'm tired. There's no link in the OP that I can see. There is also no pagination navigation at the bottom of the page, so I may have some difficulty in finding the OP.


Rebecca West wrote:
Sorry, it's late and I'm tired. There's no link in the OP that I can see. There is also no pagination navigation at the bottom of the page, so I may have some difficulty in finding the OP.

No problem, RW. It's actually in the thread title, not the OP. See you tomorrow!


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Ricochet is the new independent media project of Ethan Cox and ex-rabble Editor Derrick O'Keefe. They have some pretty cool people on their editorial board from what I see on social media, like Jahanzeb Hussain (great YVR-based journo), Justin Podur and others.

It's a teaser for sure. I have no idea what it will look like, but I hope it is good.


Sorry for the wrong URL above. 

The two related twitter accounts are @ricochet_en and @ricochet_fr , but cannot see it on Facebook, either.

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Jérémie Bédard-Wien (ex-ASSÉ) and Melissa Fong (Vancouver-based activist/blogger) have also announced that they are on the editorial board of whatever Ricochet is.

I guess they are taking their PR tips from GABBO!


Catchfire wrote:
... whatever Ricochet is.

Not "whatever". Whoever. Ricochet was a legendary hero of the Easter Rising.


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Oh dear. BANNED.


Don't apologise too quickly, Catchfire.  The story goes that in the midst of the Easter Rising James Connolly was indeed killed by a ricochet. But I don't think we're talking Seamus Ricochet, here.

Some elaboration please, Unionist.

PS. It appears that progressives haven't copyrighted the Ricochet trademark: <> is a conservative American website.  

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I think Unionist was talking about the infamous revolutionary Rick O'Shea -- too radical even for the history books.

Sadly Unionist won't be able to rebound and elaborate because he has been bounced from this thread for making terrible knock-off puns. 


I... er... but... why... ummm... urghhh...


feature article /interview with Ethan Cox in the National Post

A new Canadian media project with a business model based on readers contributing “micro-payments” for coverage they care about is launching a crowdfunding campaign Wednesday.

The project, called Ricochet and based in Montreal, is hoping to raise $75,000 through a month-long campaign on Indiegogo to fund its website design and begin paying contributing reporters for the news and politics site.


A team of editors, including himself and former Rabble editor Derrirk O’Keefe, will not be paid for their work running the site but will contribute paid journalism.

Mr. Cox said a number of contributors have already signed on to the project, including journalist and one-time federal political candidate Linda McQuaig, activist and co-founder of Rabble Judy Rebick, Quebec journalist Gabrielle Brassard-Lecours, U.S. social activist Tom Hayden and “rogue page” and activist Brigette DePape.


bilingual promo video (4min)


Excellent news. Good to see!



hear from some of those involved with the project,
10min segment on Media Mornings, Vancouver Radio Coop
- starts at 53m30s:


An interview about Ricochet on Radio-Canada (Désautels le dimanche) with Anne Lagacé Dowson and Jean-Hugues Roy:



here's one more (TV - Global Montreal) interview with Ethan Cox (english)

starts at 0:30, runs till just after 8:00



Quick update:

Ricochet has been actively fundraising over the past month via and is approaching its $75K target for full launch.

But I see that the overlapping characters and histories with Rabble are still the source of some tensions..

... and are prompting some discussions and debates in the small community that is Canadian alternative / progressive media.



Re: that last blog.

I'd say the concerns about advocacy journalism not being real journalism is nonsense. And opening one's self up to criticism from the right? So what? They do that anyway.

There is no such thing as objectivity; all media has a slant. Whether it is sound or not depends entirely on whether it is professional and puts a fair assessment of the issues above bias and self-interest.

And duplication? If that's a valid argument then why don't we just have one big newspaper? I'd think any writer would see that more media - regardless of what it is - is better.

It's no different than the business model where people react by seeing only scarcity, and competition they need to pummel, when in reality more usually generates more.

After all, media aren't failing because they are in competition with each other. It's the whole playing field that is changing.

As for the dispute.. fair to ask the questions, but unless someone decides to go public with something I don't see much coming from picking at that scab.






I'm disappointed that they have rejected so much of the feminist community. I'm not interested in anything else they have to say after that. 


sherpa-finn wrote:

But I see that the overlapping characters and histories with Rabble are still the source of some tensions..

Jesse Brown appears to be a scandalmonger. Next he'll be telling us who slept with whom? He certainly didn't have a single word to say about politics. What a loser.

I've donated what I can to rabble for a long time, and I gave Ricochet a donation to encourage them as well. I don't care if Derrick got shafted by Meagan, who told lies about Ethan, who stumbled when asked a tough question about a $16 glass of orange juice... This reminds me of the bullshit sectarianism of decades ago on the left, when everyone was correct, except everyone else.

I wish them all well. If they can actually serve progressive causes without tearing each other to shreds, all the better. Only Jesse Brown will be left with nothing to gossip about.



Congrats to Derrick and the entire Ricochet team! They reached their fundraising goal yesterday. And with 12 hours left, everything raised above and beyond their initial target is going into an Indigenous Reporting Fund.


I've only seen one article on ricochet, and even the links don't seem to be showing me any other articles, not sure what the problem is (definitely the age of my browser in one instance).    I've seen them accused of rejecting the feminist community, but zero evidence of that actually happened, or why someone is saying that in the first place.  Possibly the women in the editorial staff not acceptable, and as i say i have only ever seen one article, which I liked, and i think i posted that link in the sex worker forum.   :)