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I am no fan of Mark Steyn. It has always amazed me that he has gotten away with so much and has rarely if ever been called on it. That was why this blog was so refreshing.


I know the CJC is not that popular here, but in this instance it stepped up to the bat against a truly disgusting journalist.


As famed leftie Sandy Koufax could tell you, if anything they, "stepped up to the plate."


Plate, base?? Whatever Al-Qa'bong, I certainly got her drift.


Not many willing to take Steyn on publicly but this error of his was so ridiculous I cannot imagine many jumping to his defence.






Plate, base?? Whatever...


Well, it would make a big difference to Mike Epstein, another famous leftie.


Gus Williams

Bottom line, Sten is a poor researcher and CJC caught him red-handed. Good for them, many people are afraid to speak out against Steyn, even here where one would think he would be a pariah I wonder if discussion abouit him worries people.


Where does all this nonsense about fearing to take Steyn on publicly come from? He's a vulgar, mouthy extremist, and I thought everyone had been agreed on that for a long time.


He did once write a column that made me laugh. Remember Elian, the little Cuban boy who was kidnapped for a time by his Miami relatives? Uncharacteristically, Steyn recognized that the Miami relatives were straight out of some C19 melodrama, very unstable peeps, as well as in violation of the law, of course, and he wrote hilariously about their operatic performances for the cameras as the police closed in to rescue the child. That column gave me a bit of hope that Steyn might one day grow up to be Eric Margolis, but alas, no.


Why does anyone pay any attention to Steyn at all? My life is very rich with no Mark Steyn in it.

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Yeah, I think once we acknowledge Steyn is of the same cloth as Zundel, why do we need to discuss him or his hate any further?


True, though Zundel never had a public forum in the form of a column in a national magazie. Zundel never had access to Canadian government Ministers, Zundel was seen universally as a neo-Nazi, Zundel never appeared regularly on American news programs as a legitimate other words Zundel was never given credibility. Sadly Steyn has credibility and we cannot rest on our laurels hoping that most people see Steyn as do we.