The 'sting' - conservative media 'activists' target Planned Parenthood

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The 'sting' - conservative media 'activists' target Planned Parenthood

Could also go under feminism, I guess, but I was more incensed at the 'activism' aspect indicated in this story.
If Lila Rose’s real concern is abortion, targeting Planned Parenthood is the wrong way to go

Rose also represents a new wave of conservative activists who understand the power of a sensational story. She got training through the Leadership Institute, a D.C.-based group that seeds college campuses with conservative groups. And her inspiration and mentor is James O’Keefe, a former Leadership Institute employee who conducted secret videos of the community group ACORN — posing as a pimp himself, complete with a fedora and fur jacket — and managed to get the group stripped of federal funding. (He was also arrested last year for entering Senator Mary Landrieu’s office, in a different costume, intending to tamper with her phones.)