Talking Heads Locking Step For Future Attack on WikiLeak's Founder

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Talking Heads Locking Step For Future Attack on WikiLeak's Founder

The US media is lining up for a united chorus of attacks on Wikileaks and its founder Julien Assange. This morning on The View, liberal social fascists Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar were attaching the terrorist label to Assange. Last week Jimmy Kimmel had a joke that used the pressumption of Assange's guilt in those sexual assault charges as its premise.

Although I would usually advise against releasing anymore stuff before New Year's to avoid minimizing its impact during the Xmas shopping season, Assange may need to release it all before he too become collateral damage from an aerial attack.

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yeah this chorus is getting sickening.  especially from the jealous journalists in the msm who i think are just angry because they got scooped so badly.  

yeah, and if wikileaks is a terrorist group, so is the times, the guardian der speigl etc.  

although we shouldn't be surprised, anytime someone confronts power they're condemned in he harshest terms...we should expect those that are in the news, on tv etc are in bed with power and so will act as cheerleaders on their behalf, even if in the mainstream they're considered progressive...


this bunch of reactionaries have been a drain on humanity for some time now..I stopped watching their depraved sense of life a long time ago.

Not that I want to ignore them, It's just that I have to protect myself from thier mental abuse.


Interestingly, [url= Glenn Beck [/url] has taken a different position.

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Hi 2dawall, I think this discussion can continue in the More Wikileaking thread.

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