Terror and twitter

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Terror and twitter

I didn't get in time to point something important out. The recent december attempted bombing has lessons that many here apparently forget. The guys dad called in to say his son WHO was on a watch list was going to try to bomb the plane and NO ONE did anything.

So how is it an already suspected terrorist has his dad call and inform them their already under surveillance  suspect is ready to bomb and nothing happens, yet some jackass makes a joke(yes it was a joke cuz I am sure you have said some smart ass remark after a border hassle) But is being charged with terrorism?

I think even the left is falling into the trap if they can't disern what is and isn't terrorism.

They are keeping us in line by hassling people that clearly aren't threats while(regardless of your view on  9/11 or false flag events) are not paying attention to actual information about real threats. So where are we now?