Tinkering with copyright, for political ends

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Tinkering with copyright, for political ends

Let's move on to the second post, shall we...

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CTV is reporting that the Cons are going to tinker with the Copyright Act in order to allow political parties free access to any desired "news" footage for their political ads...

CTV wrote:

The Conservative government is planning to change Canada’s copyright law to allow political parties to use content published and broadcast by news organizations for free in their own political ads.

An internal Conservative cabinet document obtained by CTV News details an amendment to the Copyright Act which would allow “free use of ‘news’ content in political advertisement intended to promote or oppose a politician or political party.”

The amendment would also remove “the need for broadcasters to authorize the use of their news content.” And it would force media outlets to run political ads even if their own footage and content was used in a negative message to voters.

The story can be found HERE.

I particularly enjoyed them observing that they are trying to "smuggle this in" by amendments to the act hidden in yet another Omnibus bill.

Perhaps I am being overly optimisitic this morning, but I somehow think this may be the straw that broke the camel's back... and will mark a turning point in the relationship between the MSM and the Cons... I think they may finally get up to the nerve to bite the hand that has been feeding them (and by extension all of us) lies for years...




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They're getting ready for the election.

Expect a steady diet of attack ad propaganda.

Not that that is new in Canada anymore.