Too much Hlinka with my breakfast

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Too much Hlinka with my breakfast

So while I want to injure small animals when I hear his voice on my way to work. I was now forced to listen to this guy on the point, the current, and even had his mug on TV. How this guy is on the CBC and the moniker of communist broadcast corporation exists is beyond me. The guy can't spew hatred of non market ideas fast enough and now he is on no matter where I turn.

Just to make matters worse the guys is a teacher! OMG now I know why we have so many useless business people in this country.


While on the point he stated out that it is the US population that is entirely responsible for the mortgage problem, not the banks. How are the poor banks suppose to know if the people lied on their applications? Umm check their credit, maybe their emplyment status or heck even their income. 

Did anyone else happen to catch the point last week with this tool on it? 


Thank you again CBC for making me throwup in my mouth in the afternoon not just the mornings.

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Who are you speaking off?


Heh.  He's talking about Metro Morning, a CBC radio program here in Southern Ontario.  (In the Greater Toronto Area, actually, but apparently it is broadcast further than that.)

Michael Hlinka is the business columnist for the show.  I actually kind of like him, and think he's funny, although of course I don't agree with a word he says.  He used to get a rougher ride from the other hosts (like Andy Barrie) over his more "free market" views. 

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Thanks Michelle.


He gets rebroadcast down here in windsor. I get pretty riled up listening to that before I am fully awake. When I heard him on the point last week I blew a gasket. The guy thinks the banker are not at fault and it's the people taking out the loans. AND we should prop up AIG and allow their disgusting bonuses because it's in their contract. Which went to the division that is hollowing out the economy. Just what prey tell, did these intrepid venture capitalist do other than ruining the economy to warrant a bonus?


Just what prey tell, did these intrepid venture capitalist do other than ruining the economy to warrant a bonus?

They received a blank cheque from Barak Obama. They get to romp around in the US treasury like a kid in the Ikea ball room. If that doesn't deserve a bonus, I don't know what does.


he's a pinhead - just switch off is best.

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Is this "Hlinka" fellow still being forced on people who evidently hate him?  Just as an aside, my own radio is capable of receiving many different broadcasts, generally known by a somewhat cryptic number, like "103.1" and when one of these "numbers" is broadcasting something that offends me, or fails to interest me, I use a knob to select a different "number".  I don't know if that would be of help with this "Hlinka" guy or not.


Dial it back, Snert. Wink

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I'm just trying to empower people to make good choices.


Next you'll be claiming to be the vanguard of the proletariat.

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Jokes aside, it's a bit of a bugbear of mine, in part because it's the way the religious Right operates.  They can't seem to find that channel knob!  Will and Grace is showing homosexuals, and they HAVE to watch because changing the channel just won't work for them!  And then they have to complain bitterly because they HAD to watch!  Someone made them!

So when I see the same nonsense coming from the Left I say the same thing:  if you don't like it, why the hell are you reading it, listening to it or watching it?

Am I just not masochistic enough?  Should I be forcing myself to read Margaret Wente, and then moaning about it?