The Toronto Sun's latest boogeyman

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The Toronto Sun's latest boogeyman

A fanatical street preacher who tells women to cover-up.

Read it [url=

Matt Gurney of the National Pest mocks the Sun [url=


I wrote my thoughts about the Sun covering this "story" in this thread.  That's actually not a bad response article by Gurney.

Slightly off topic, but my favourite preacher guy at the Yonge-Dundas corner is an older fellow who stands quietly with a piece of paper in his hand most of the time, except when, out of the blue, every 10 or 20 seconds, he shouts, "JEEEEsus [mumble mumble]" or "BELIEVE in the Lord!"  Startles the crap out of people who walk past and don't notice him until he barks that out right next to them.  I nearly jumped out of my skin the first time I walked past him and he did it.  Now when I walk past, I watch with amusement to see whether he's going to make anyone else jump.  And usually he does!

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So, one right-wing paper is flicking boogers at another right-wing paper's boogeyman. Must be the dog days of summer.

Fidel wrote:
Moderate Muslim writer Tarek Fatah says Atangana's view is a stark example of radical Islamist misogyny.

The Atlantic Alliance countries don't support religious moderates. The Americans and Brits, their Saudi and Pakistani friends have, instead, provided overt and covert support to right wing religious fundamentalists, whether it was 1950's Iran or 1980's-90's Afghanistan and Bosnia and Macedonia, the Brotherhood, Hamas and Fatah at various times, 2000's Libya, Syria and ongoing. And the more right wing the more they appeal to the crusaders in their long war to purge secular socialist thought from Central Asia to the Middle East and North Africa. Militant Islam represents the biggest threat to women's rights and democracy, and that's why they receive support from the West.


A new boogeyman, [url= crazy cleric who has, wait for it, crazy beliefs[/url]