TTC reaches its limit on transit ads

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TTC reaches its limit on transit ads

I heard yesterday that they weren't going to do it. 

I hate wraparound ads and think they're an eyesore - and nothing pisses me off more than looking out a semi-obscured window because of an ad painted across it.

But if they're going to have them, then I don't see why they're getting all missish about this one.  I mean, do people think that half of a happily married couple is going to look at this ad and say to themselves, "Gee, maybe they're right!  This fidelity stuff is for the birds!  I'm gonna cheat on my beloved!"


I think the main message they are triing to get across is 'life is short'. That then becomes the excuse to persuade you to think not just about an affair, but also the sportscar, that vacation trip, that new veranda, outfit, etc, etc. Why not, poor me is going to die soon anyway. The hell with the consequences.

Here we are triing to undo some of the damage done by consumerism by taking the streetcar and end up being part of a riding bill board tempting us to feel sorry for ourselfs, as if we cannot be happy without all stuff.


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From the article:

 This isn't the first time TTC advertising has proven controversial:


in January, atheist bus ads stating, “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” were ultimately allowed to stay after coming under fire from religious groups.

I say, combine the two:

"There is probably no God. Have an affair"

Tongue out


Whoever thought of this got free advertising. More people saw this than any ad on the TTC. 


Maysie wrote:
I say, combine the two:

"There is probably no God. Have an affair"

Tongue out



 I think the controversy over this ad speaks volumes about the values placed on marriage and monogamy in our society. Of course, one doesn't need to be married to have an affiar. This notion that we can only fall in love or have sex with only one person at any given time is something we are taught from a very early age, as is the idea that that one person will last forever. These ideas are taught to children though several fairy-tale stories, and for many, getting married is a sign of having accomplished something significant.

Society likes to tell people who they should or shouldn't be sleeping with. There is not a lot of acceptance for open or polyamorous relationships. I wonder how people would react if the ad said,

"Life is short. Have an open marraige."

As exciting as it can be, having an affair is never cool. Somebody always gets hurt.


Yeah, but if everyone had open marriages instead of affairs (a much better idea, I agree!), then Ashley Madison would go out of business.  Their niche is to get people who are sneaking around.  People who do this sort of thing above-board can do it on Lavalife and PlentyOfFish. :)

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TTC = Take The Car. Apparently Ashley Madison approached Tiger for sponsorship deal after the news broke out about his 'transgressions'. Alex posted a good read 'Ad-ultery' on the TTC's latest gaff.