U.S. Develops Social Media Propaganda Software

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U.S. Develops Social Media Propaganda Software

This is from Democracy Now web site.


he Pentagon is developing software to secretly influence social media by developing fake online personas that can sway internet chatting on comment boards to reflect U.S. government propaganda. The Guardian of London reports a California-based firm has won a contract to create an "online persona management service" that would let military personnel control up to 10 separate fake identities at once. The identities would be used to respond to relevant online content with blog posts, tweets, chat comments and other forms of interaction. A military spokesperson said foreign audiences would be targeted, as it would be illegal to use the technology on U.S. citizens.




WE have to be even more vigilant. When ever you encounter someone that is spouting off pro government BS, you might want to for go arguing with them. As it would be a total wast of time.


but then on the other hand we might have to, instead of confronting them, post our views to counter balance their propaganda.


the good thing about propaganda is it is easily refutable if you know what you're talking about.


Mentioned in this thread actually.


This news item confirms my belief that some bulletin board posters could in fact be replaced by perl scripts.


...it wrote.


did anyone for a second not see this coming?  They do it with every single other source of media/info on the planet, not surprised they're doing it on the internet too.

funny though they admit that it is illegal to do it to their own citizens, but fine for everyone else.  


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I'll probably get in trouble for making this comparison but...

The American propaganda machine has far and beyond outdone the German propaganda model from 70 years ago.

And it looks like the Empire's Inteligence Agency is using the same systematic mass brainwash Charles Manson and Jim Jones perfected decades ago.

But I'm curious to see just how they'd de-program a left wing socialist de souche like myself.


They will not need to de-program you.. They will just alienate you and make you irrelevant.

Just think , there are people that still believe there is a God and that Jesus is coming back to save them. So all they need to do is confuse a few people.