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R E D E Y E - Sat. May 15, 9 - noon, Co-op Radio, 102.7fm

9:05 Ali Abunimah, of the website Electronic Intifida, reports back from South Africa on the efforts of popular and government forces to aid the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

9:20 Martha Roberta talks to us about deep cuts by the B.C. government to the most vulnerable people on welfare.

9:40 Costas Panayotakis, a professor of sociology at City University New York, analyzes the real cost of the Greek bailout package.

10:05  We broadcast a new documentary by two Victoria-based independent journalists on the proposed Prosperity Mine in the Nemiah Valley.

10:30 Contact - your opportunity to call in and share your
announcements and thoughts - 604-684-7561

10:50 We play part of a Democracy Now interview with former UN General Assembly President Miguel d'Escoto on the current state of the United Nations.

11:05 Catherine Edwards from CACTUS describes a new vision for community TV and media.

11:25 Project Fly Home organized a telethon last month to support Abousfian Abdelrazik, now back in Montreal but prevented from working. We speak with an activist from Project Fly Home.

11:40 Environmentalist Carlos Zorrilla tells us why three citizens from Ecuador are suing the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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