Wente watch - comic relief!

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Wente watch - comic relief!

Please don't take this crap seriously, but why the f is this ijut still writing for the Glib and Stale?


And no, having a baby was NEVER a lark even when they were very much wanted.

And above all, there is no baby shortage in the world today. 




Ah, one of my "favourite" media trends -- pundits "shaming" the kids these days for their life choices, in sweeping generalizations. See also the condemnation of under-35s for not buying houses in great numbers. In both cases, the pundits ignore the fact that home ownership and children are unaffordable for vast numbers of younger Canadians.

The most telling bit, though, is her sarcastic dismissal of parenting being a "choice" now. Not even a typical religious moralizing resentment of legal abortion, but a rejection even of the fact that the abstinent choose not to pop one out. She wouldn't do anything radical to encourage reproduction, mind you, like voting to raise her own taxes to fund schools and daycares. No, she's happy just to blame it on the availability of choice, and raise the spectre of "extinction", like it matters deeply to her whether in 2070 there are 90 million Canadians or 14.