What has the CBC become under endless Liberal and Conservative Governance ?

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George Victor

A "left wing nation wide media in Canada." But can we find the lucre? Probably not.  Naw, better stick with the somewhat bent information vehicle we have and get rid of the bastards that are  corrupting it, eh? 


Buddy Kat wrote:

 I think the employees at CBC are scared of not towing the line. They have witnessed what has happened in the past ...

Wasn't there a major change in CBC management several years ago?  The right wing (starting with Paul Martin) got friendlier voices into positions of decision making and the process slowly continues to date.  Too bad.

The Liberals will continue to self destruct as long as they keep trying to oust Harper by right winging him with leaders like Iggster.


The 1/3rd demographic. In Michael Lind's 'Up from Conservativism' which is from regan era, i believe, Lind sorta mentions the 1/3rd  rule the reactionary right glommed onto after getting tossed far away after barry goldwater was exposed as a fool in 1964 poll (as an insight into working of modern mass media, you should know this: on the last 'this week with sam and kookie' (?) show circa '04 or so, several pundits gathered say goodbye to donaldson etc. George Will was there, and, in light of donaldon's retiring, revealed that donalson voted for goldwater in 1964- an astonishing revelation, had it became widely known. geeWill teased donalson with the revelation, and donaldson broke out into sweat- you could feel him cringe!). The 1/3rd rule says 1/3 will vote 'liberal' 1/3rd vote 'conservative' so the battle is the middle 3rd. And only a majority of THAT 3rd needs to be won over, and racism, sexism and so on are used, aling with any lies or misrepresentations. Truth is what CNN says it is. Lind described how voters who were both 'conservative' in some morality type issues (abortion, tough on crime etc) yet progressive in others (legal pot, anti war etc) could and MUST BE IGNORED! I recall thinking that IF the local tough guy firemen knew about how an entire rightwing thinking vote bloc (in general) could be and were IGNORED by design, not only by the rightwing repukkes by by the supposedly leftwing demonrats...it seemed making such basic idea over to wide public must cost the rightwing ....they were literally scheming against their own!. Now the OJ Simpson case, and the Monica scandal made sense. 'Soft' righties were being shamed out of any liberal views; and forced to declare themselves before any issues were mentioned!

In other words, a vast fraud.




Managed News: Inside the US/NATO Industrial Media Empire


"We face what appears to be a military industrial media empire so powerful and complex that truth is mostly absent..."

although this piece is US focussed much obtains to here as well and is directly related to the deterioration of independent news reporting at the CBC.


Tomorrow headline:


hundred of news junkies, mostly NDP voters but also quite a few 'Liberals' and even a few rightwingers, went on a rampage after their daily fix of NEWS (a dependency built up over many many years by the CBC, in the main, but also some commercial media) was suddenly withdrawn from them. Anxious junkies have been seen infesting the Internets, but too many lack satelite radio access, and.... TO plice Chief Blair and Dalton mcguinty (acting on behalf of 'Snake Eyes' Harper the PM) have been bringing in Brownshirt mercenaries to supplement the local police, in case the crazy bastards break anything or try to hurt themselves. The excorborant cost of all this 'policing' has aroused questions in parliament- most of the frenzied 'rampaging' occurred within the hovels of the poor benighted news junkies, and on their computers- which hardly affect anything! Rex murphy, rightwing spokesperson/thingy, has suggested that the  news junkies try smack, crack, or pop (or something).

CBC will report any further developments

Lifes a Mountai...

kropotkin1951 wrote:

Rick (Homer) Cluff in Vancouver on CBC radio is not only right wing he knows nothing about most issues and never reads anything before interviews and it shows.  He understands sports because that is what he was before he bid into a news job out here.  

Do other CBC radio shows use the same format for issues?  Here they interview a left leaning person on an issue and attack them.  Then they bring on a right wing guest, often from the government, after the left wing person is off the air.  Strangely the right wing person is able to rip to shreds the left perspective while Homer cheers and no rebuttal is allowed.  He is so biased it is pathetic.  I have listened to the CBC for over 40 years but now most mornings I swear at Homer and turn it off. 

I find it funny how you just assume that Rick bid into the job. You are right about the fact that he was one of CBC's top sport's reporters in Toronto before he moved to Vancouver. He travelled all around the world to Olympics and other international sporting events as one of CBC's top reporters. He did not however "bid" into the job in Vancouver. He was hand picked for the job and ASKED to move to Vancouver. Do you actually know ANYTHING about this guy? How do you know he does t read anything before going on air? Maybe you should check your facts before you just throw around a complete load of garbage like this.


He is a right wing asshole who fawns on federal Conservatives and provincial Liberals. If you know him better then I will defer to your judgement that the thinly disguised Homer Simpson act is a ruse and he is really a sophisticated right wing operative not a opinionated jerk with no real knowledge about most subjects he speaks on.

I will thus admit his buffoon act fooled me. I actually thought he was one.


Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

Steered to the CBC website by a link, I ended up on Rex Murphy's 'analysis' page, where I noted that Rex "recommends" three different books by climate change deniers.