What The Media Should Shut Up About

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So, writers who disagree with you about how the Biden administration might play out should just shut up because you have all the answers and you are so much more intelligent than they are. Is that what you are saying?

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Ari sez: Shut up, Chomsky, you senile old fool.


What I'm saying is that I find the idea that progressives have any sway over a Biden administration to be highly naieve, considering how history plays itself out whenever Democrats are elected. Chomsky has laid out what many feel is a convincing argument for why removing Trump is a critical thing to do. I respect that, he is entitled to that view. Some people have differing views on the subject. In particular, I see so many headlines on the CommonDreams website saying things like, "progressives demand no oil executives in Biden Cabinet," "Biden should not have Wall Street people" or things to that effect, however given Biden's history, it seems a done deal that these are the exact people who are going to get those positions.

I just don't think working with any of the 2 main corporatist parties is going to get anywhere. It's the same reason I twice volunteered on a federal NDP campaign in a riding that was a Liberal-Conservative race. A good showing for the NDP in that riding is a vote percentage that cracks double digits.