What we are not told about Insurance in Canada / BC

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What we are not told about Insurance in Canada / BC

If someone runs a red light and hits you on your bicycle or while you are walking, the following can happen (even if there is a witness).


#1  You can be denied medical care because many public health programs will exclude you based on the [b]false[/b] belief that ICBC will use Part 7 Coverage (upto $150K) to help you. 


#2  You can be denied access to programs for people with disability.  This includes spinal cord management, back to work assistance and advocacy, devices such as a back brace etc.


#3 Despite a 3rd party witness to a crash and even the admittance of fault by the person who ran the light, they often deny any wrong doing and place all the burden back on the injured victim.  This often leads to years of poverty, physical and psychological abuse and in some cases suicide or prescription drug abuse.


The problems in British Columbia are staggering in scope.  The system set in place uses approx 50% of insurance money to pay law firms who handle over 1000 claims in just a few years with minimal staff and very limited accountability.

After speaking with numerous victims of this kind of treatment I am suggesting that the people who care about British Columbians address this issue.


After all, who wants to see a bunch of lawyers making a fortune while tax paying victims are left to rot?


The system as it stands now looks like a scam bigger than ADSCAM and does not serve the people of BC or Canada.

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