Who are Canada's worst journalists and/or media types?

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Who are Canada's worst journalists and/or media types?



Recently in the USA we have seen the spectacle of NBC's Brian Williams being suspended for 6 months

and today CNN was discussing CBS staffers disputing the "hero" part of Fox's Bill O'Reilly, the difference being Fox probably doesn't giver a shit whether or not O'Reilly told the truth, and they will probably stand by him.

What about Canada?

More fallout from Brian Williams reporting scandal


CBS staffers dispute Bill O'Reilly's 'war zone' story



Here's a bit more about the reportedly O'Reilly Caper.

Bill O’Reilly’s Sunday Smackdown

The controversy over O’Reilly’s reporting from the supposed “warzone” of Buenos Aires during the Falklands War intensified, with accusations of lying and plagiarism flying between both sides.



Sounds like someone has struck a nerve! 

Bill O’Reilly steps up defence of his war-time reporting claims: ‘I am coming after you with everything I have’



One of my choices for top-billing in this category in Canada goes to Ezra Levant.


Meanwhile just a bit South of us:

O'Reilly said to threaten reporter 'with everything I have'




Actually this should increase what are probable dismal ratings for Fox, eh!

“I am coming after you”: Why Bill O’Reilly’s train wreck has the right unhinged

As Fox News' bully threatens a NY Times reporter, a right-wing radio hack and other assorted friends go nuts



He's no hero, he's a bum! (and maybe that's offensive to all the bums)

Bill O'Reilly tapes fail to back up claims of 'combat zone' reporting

CBS footage from 1982 contains nothing to support description of protesters in Buenos Aires being killed but O’Reilly says ‘I told it exactly the way it was’




Levant crowdfunding campaign raises thousands for latest media venture Frown



NorthReport wrote:

Levant crowdfunding campaign raises thousands for latest media venture Frown


They misspelled "misadventure" 


What is it they say, when you are in a hole, stop digging! 

Bill O'Reilly's LA riots 'bombardment' stories disputed by former colleagues

Fox News host, whose stories of past reporting exploits are under renewed scrutiny, claimed ‘we were attacked by protesters’ when covering the 1992 riots





This looks like it may very well end badly for O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly: I Said I Saw Nuns Being Shot Because I Saw Photos Of It



Sound like any Canadian commentator / broadcaster duo you know?

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News: They’re in It Together



the worst: National post, sun, macleans

average:globe and toronto star

best: toronto star


Olberman must have been referring to O'Reilly all those years as "Billow" and not "Bill-O."


New exaggeration allegations against Bill O'Reilly  Frown


Todrick of Chat...

I nominate Rabble's own David J. Climenhaga. I can't stand his style of reporting or his lack of poor research on most subjects. 


Actually, Climenhaga's pieces are among the finest there is on Babble if we're talking about how effectively the problems of a larger world can be shown via the inner workings of a small world, being Alberta politics.



Bill Maher Blasts Media’s Easy Treatment of ‘Blatant, Bald-Assed Liar’ Bill O’Reilly



Jeffery Simson is so boring. You know what he is going to say before he opens his mouth.

Gerald Caplan is a flake. Sometimes dead on, but more often than not, out to lunch.


Dear White Editors: Invite Someone Out for a Coffee

Diversifying journalism requires more than talking about it.

What if the reason people of colour aren’t reaching out to him has something to do with their perception of The Walrus and the National Post? What if they believe that Kay’s view of “good” writing is already reflected in the Post’s stippled portraits? I don’t know whether he’s thought that through or, if he has, whether he intends to do anything about it. That is what I found so disappointing in this interview. A lot of talk, and no commitment to change. And that’s the story of diversity in Canadian journalism. It is not going to improve until more editors make peace with the fact that, as the gatekeepers of the profession, it is their job to do the heavy lifting.



Brown: [url=http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/may/05/why-some-of-jian-gh... some of Jian Ghomeshi's accusers don't want to 'tell all'[/url]

Before my articles with Donovan were published, I went over parts of them with our sources to make sure that we didn’t accidentally include identifying details. Donovan has refused to give his assurance that he’ll do the same with his upcoming book and, though Canadian courts routinely ban the publication of the names of complainants in sexual assault cases like these, such bans don’t cover the publication of the names or identifying details of any individuals whose cases didn’t result in criminal charges, and the precise definition of identifying details is determined on a case-by-case basis.

He won’t call up these women and tell them what intimate details from their lives he plans to publish to ensure those details do not inadvertently identify them. Instead, he’s assured me that he will not include any identifying details about them, and said that if any source has a concern, they should call him about it.

They have plenty of concerns, but take little comfort in his offer – which requires them to guess which details he may have used. They worry that, in guessing, that they could accidentally divulge new information that they haven’t shared with him before, and their concerns ultimately won’t be respected – a circumstance which at least one woman has already experienced during Donovan’s original reporting. And from what I learned during my time working with him, I think they are right to be worried.

During our short partnership – based on my interactions with him – I believe that Donovan displayed an ambivalence about reporting the Ghomeshi story at all, a tendency that he knew better than our sources what was best for them and a troubling editorial attitude toward who would be deemed a credible enough victim.


Good article, and the revelation that Ghomeshi jumped the gun and went to the CBC by mistake is astounding.

As for the callous disregard for sources, I am not surprised. And it is a shame considering there are journalists who face jail to protect them.


Hard to know how to choose from so many of them.....worst ones that is.