Why did it take the CBC more than 10 years to cut Ghomeshi loose?

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NorthReport wrote:

This is how Liberals operate folks.

And the above is why the left loses. Attacking people whose support you want is self-defeating.


Is this a new lawyer television show or Jian Ghomeshi’s defence team?



"A Liberal is a Conservative who pretends to be a New Democrat before every election." : Tom Mulcair


What Management Knew about Jian (pt.1)

Q staffers come forward



"A Liberal is a Conservative who pretends to be a New Democrat before every election." : Tom Mulcair


CBC managers told of Jian Ghomeshi 'assault' allegations back in June

'Punching' and 'choking' accusations made known to certain managers, the fifth estate reveals



"A Liberal is a Conservative who pretends to be a New Democrat before every election." : Tom Mulcair

"A Liberal is a liar who pretends to tell the truth before, during and after every election." : A Canadian Voter




Not defending either Ghomeshi or Cosby, but we really have to spotlight some whiteguy creeps as well...


Agreed lagatta. Let's say how about some white people in Ferguson, Missouri. 



I gather the Fifth Estate doc is on tonite 6 PM PT.

Has anyone seen it back East?


I gather the Fifth Estate doc is on tonite 9 PM PT.

Has anyone seen it back East?


It doesn't look good.

CBC has lots of good stuff, but at the very least they should shut down the right-wing lyin' Liberal Party News Department.

CBC probe could determine its very future

But what about the CBC? Shortly after some of the most serious allegations came to light, the Crown corporation announced it would bring in an outside investigator. Early this month it did so, retaining respected workplace lawyer Janice Rubin. The choice appears sound, although it is fair to note Rubin has been a frequent contributor and expert guest on CBC Radio programs. An investigator with no ties to the broadcaster would have been preferable, but Rubin seems a sound choice to interview staff and make recommendations.

Who knew what and when? What, if anything, did they do about it? Is Ghomeshi an aberration or is there something sick about CBC culture?

This sort of investigation can't happen overnight. But it needs to be expeditious, and there should be interim reports. The CBC's reputation, and possibly its future, depend on it.






It appears to be just a cover-up as many Canadians surmised would happen.

Too bad.

Q employees not questioned during CBC’s Ghomeshi probe despite claims of serious investigation: report

Despite claiming to have undertaken a serious internal investigation of the Jian Ghomeshi affair, CBC executives did not ask a single Q employee a single question, according to an investigation by the CBC investigative program the fifth estate.

The program surveyed 17 people who worked on the arts radio show last summer, and spoke with everyone but the former executive producer.

“No one said they’d been approached , no questions ever asked,” said Gillian Findlay, host of the fifth estate, airing Friday night.




'Fifth Estate' Jian Ghomeshi Episode Takes Aim At CBC Probe Of Allegations Against Ex-Host




Fifth estate revelations about Jian Ghomeshi raise troubling questions about CBC managers' probe




Let's be honest.  The CBC never cut him loose because he was literally bigger than the CBC.  We're talking about an entity that is always under attack from all sides and they've been desperate to show that they're viable (different question) so why would they do anything other than circle the wagons to protect their star attraction?


Jian Ghomeshi touched me, harassed me at work and CBC is covering for themselves: former Q producer



CBC manager disputes account of Jian Ghomeshi probe



Dalhousie University probes misogynistic student 'Gentlemen's Club

'Warning: Story contains details that may be disturbing



Maybe CBCers should clean up their own back yard first, and it sure sounds like that work has barely begun, before taking pot shots at others, eh! Frown

Journalism ethics take a hit with Rolling Stone's unravelling rape story

Magazine's decision not to fact-check rape victim's story ending badly all round



Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis was on bail for 40 sexual assault charges and accessory to murder



Maybe the CBC is not so bad after all

Chorus should put their money where their mouths are, and show the public this is not a meaningly apology, and fire these little shitheads. As if their drinking makes it acceptable. WTF!!!

CFOX host Jeff O'Neil provokes outrage with 'F***, kill or marry' questionVancouver radio stations apologize over comments



Canadaland is defiinitely needed - please support this worthwhile journalism.

CBC's revisionist archives

CBC hears no evil, scrubs Ghomeshi from archives

What are they hiding now?



NorthReport wrote:

Chorus should put their money where their mouths are, and show the public this is not a meaningly apology, and fire these little shitheads. As if their drinking makes it acceptable. WTF!!!

CFOX host Jeff O'Neil provokes outrage with 'F***, kill or marry' questionVancouver radio stations apologize over comments


Apparently some male observers thought that the controversy over the "joke" was an over-reaction. Genuinely wondering whether these men would find it funny to hear women discussing the same options about men on public airwaves? Would we not then be hearing indignation about 'man-haters' and 'femi-nazis'?


I hate to say this but these folks are just a bunch of sickos. Shut 'em down!

Amanda Lang took money from Manulife & Sun Life, gave them favourable CBC coverage



I really doubt you hate to say it


I like Anderson Cooper but Peter Mansbridge. Yikes! Where's the vomit bag?

I think the one and only comment at the end of the article says it all.

Which broadcast journalists have the most Twitter followers?



COMMENTSSubmitted by Daniel Johnson on December 30, 2014 - 11:11am.new

The author of this article made no attempt whatsoever to refute any of what Rex Murphy said, they've just run about with a bunch of wierdly worded insults about his use of an academic dialect of the English language a bunch of random baseless accusations. 

This article makes Rex Murphy seem reasonable and feminism seem deluded and cultish. 


Rex Murphy: The year in activist misogyny



North Report, isn't there some other "I Hate CBC" thread that would be better suited for some of these posts? The issues raised are important but not necessarily relevant to the Ghomeshi scandal. And they'll be harder to find in the future if they're buried in this topic. Also, these issues are likely universal for all large media corporations.



It blows me away what with what has been going on at the CBC, that you don't see a problem there.

So is this a paid leave or what?

The public finances the CBC and the public has a right to know.

If the CBC are afraid to state it publicaly then thery are probably getting paid.

Not good.

Who else would like a paid leave of absence until this blows over and things settle down, eh! Frown

CBC radio chief put on leave of absence

Chris Boyce, once responsible for all radio programming at CBC including Jian Ghomeshi's Q, and executive Todd Spencer are on immediate leave.


infracaninophile infracaninophile's picture

NorthReport wrote:

So is this a paid leave or what?

The public finances the CBC and the public has a right to know.

If the CBC are afraid to state it publicaly then thery are probably getting paid.


If these are employees with a collective agreement, then they are almost certainly being paid, as is proper in almost all cases of suspected malfeasance. The employee is put on a paid leave pending investigation and if there are reasons for other sanctions, these are imposed in a due proccess manner.  Exceptions occur when the employee commits some fire-able offense openly and publicly. Even when criminal charges are laid in some cases the employee is on paid leave pending the outcome. 

I am surprised that a babbler would think this is a bad thing.


Babblers all think paid leave is bad, at least whenever its extended to a cop who's been chargedCool


First, these two sound like management, though I stand to be corrected, and therefore forget about collective agreement protections.

Second, paid leave while being accused and investigated for some serious workplace infraction (whether involving criminal charges or not)? Sounds like a dream. That's non-existent and not required in the private sector, for sure. Of course, there's a risk to the employer that if the worker is totaly exonerated, they'll be reinstated with compensation. But choosing to both suspend the worker and pay them? Doesn't exist. Cops, some professions, occasional situations among government employees, maybe... but even there, there's no requirements to do so that I've ever heard of, whether legal or collective agreement.

That's why people get angry about cops being sent home with pay after they kill or rape or racially profile someone. They're treated like the faithful servants of the dictatorship of the wealthy that they are.

There are collective agreement provisions that limit the amount of time you can be held out of service without pay while the employer is investigating allegations. But once they decide to impose them, you can sit at home without pay for months or longer waiting for a hearing.


Thanks Unionist.


This is why making it public, shining a light on it, unfortunately with all its gory details, is often an effective way towards helping to stop the bullies and cowards who commit this kind of behaviour. Obviously the victim's circumstances and preferences has to be given wide birth when consideringthe decision to expose the perps.

Dalhousie dentistry students scrambled to contain damage after comments became public



Three more women accuse Crosby of sexual assault so why this then in Canada today?  WTF!

Comedian Bill Cosby, embroiled in controversy amid a growing spate of sexual assault allegations, was greeted tonight with applause and whoops of delight by fans at his first standup show of 2015 in Kitchener, Ont.


Three more women accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault



My hunch is all the publicity, and the courage of the initial women who spoke out, is helping to encourage others to come forward as well.

Jian Ghomeshi facing three new charges of sexual assault

The three new counts pertain to sexual assaults alleged to have occurred in August 2002, July 2003 and February 2008.



North Report, you seem to have lost track of what your own thread is about.

There is another thread here, in the feminism forum, to discuss the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi. There is a thread about the Dalhouse dentistry issue. There are other threads about misogyny at universities. And there are several threads about male sexual violence.

This thread, by your own admission (because it's in the media and not the feminism forum) is about if and why CBC did not properly investigate the Jian Ghomeshi allegations. Since you yourself felt that the CBC's negligence was so important that it needed to be a separate issue (and many would argue that it is not a separate issue at all) it would be nice AT LEAST, and way less confusing for all of us, if you would stick to your own friggin' mandate.


I"ll bite on the original topic. It took so long because that is the norm. That is also why Dalhousie is treating the men as though they were merely rude so it shouldn't impact their reputations or careers. It is also why so many people are also attending the Cosby Show. A reporter mentioned the audience was mainly 55+ which makes sense but not just because Cosby is old.

My mother taught me that it is up to girls to say no and to avoid situations in which they could be taken advantage of. In other words, don't go to the barn with the boys to hang out. The underlying message was that it's not violent like stranger rape. You don't get hurt hurt so it isn't rape rape especially if you weren't a virgin. Nothing was stolen. You have no less than you did before and no injuries. Lesson learned.

Even now that around 20 women have come forward to accuse Cosby many people, especially those of his generation are still defending him. His TV wife thinks it is some sort of conspiracy against him. Many of the people defending him actually believe the women's accusations. They are thinking these women were using their sexiness to try to get ahead in the industry without actually putting out.  Cosby out-smarted them. What he did was wrong, but it's not like he attacked some innocent girl on the street. Some people may even be thinking "times were different".  I AM NOT SAYING I THINK THAT. I am saying that people defending him, and Woody Allen for that matter, have a very different thought process.

If you look throughout society the actual reaction of institutions to accusations of this nature is "prove it" and even when proven, a hesitation to act against anything from university rape chants to videos of a girl being raped while vomiting out a window.

And now with Dalhousie, again the focus is on protecting the poor men.

They should have immediately been suspended from clinical practice and from class pending further evaluation. They still aren't suspended from class. If that had been done then the women from the class could have been assembled to discuss their reactions collectively before having to deal with administration suggestions of restorative justice. Had the women had an opportunity to talk they would have vented for a few hours then probably agreed the men were jerks but shouldn't lose their careers over it. Because it was dismissed as if they had TPed a residence people are outraged.

The University still doesn't "get it" because that is the norm in that generation and there isn't an abrupt point when it changes. I say that generation, but many young people don't "get it" either or this wouldn't be happening.

With Jian Ghomeshi the exes thought this was just another case of humouring a star. He didn't rape her or threaten to fire her if she didn't cooperate. If there is no threat associated, no explicit quid pro quo, then it's more rudeness than out and out serious harassment. It's not like he treated everyone else well. Equal opportunity abuse from a diva.

So there is a common thread that runs through all the reactions to these varied situations. It's rape culture. It's the notion that sex is something to be acquired by the powerful from the less powerful. That usually means men from women, but it also means men from less powerful men. It is a service rather than a human function.

I really wish I didn't have to bring his name into it, but Trudeau did the right thing by suspending the two men. He found the women's accounts so credible that he believed they were telling the truth. The women hold the burden of proof in a court room but Trudeau didn't need a court room to act. As leader of the party he had the authority and responsibility to act. Really put yourself in his shoes. He has two representatives that he believes sexually victimized two young female MPs from another party. He doesn't have proof but believes the allegations, that the men are guilty. He has the authority to expel them from the party but without proof that would be too extreme. Suspending them without proof is perfectly valid. You don't need proof to assess character and credibility. He didn't just take the women's word for it; both men had many years in the party so they were known entities. There as been much talk about whether or not what Pacetti did was actual rape. It doesn't matter in the context of justifying their suspension. The men didn't have to do anything illegal for Trudeau to suspend them. It doesn't even matter if it constitutes workplace harassment. It is enough that their behavior was unbecoming a representative of the people.

You can debate whether or not he should have said the misconduct involved two MPs from a different party, but suspending them pending further investigation was the right response.

Dalhousie should have suspended the men pending further investigation.

The CBC should have spoken with Jiam Ghomeshi and put him on notice concerning all of his abusive behavior.

The mentality seems to have developed that if there is no hard proof then nothing can be done and if there is hard proof then the response should take into account the severe social/professional damage to the men which is as bad as going to prison.




Dalhousie University rejects professors' complaint against dentistry students



Speaking of dentistry (since we're in the media forum), I found this interesting paper on topical fluorides and concentrations.

Just FYI, of course, and I think a propos to the topics being raised here by North Report. 

I'm not sure what factors re: oral health may be applicable in the Jian Ghomeshi case, but it's definitely something to consider.




So were supposed to believe the CBC now. Right. Frown

Canadaland may not be perfect but Brown is quite refreshing to the Canadian media scene.

Canadian media unscrutinized, says reporter who broke Ghomeshi, Lang stories

The man who helped bring to light two major controversies at the CBC — including this week's conflict-of-interest allegations against business reporter Amanda Lang — says he's made it his mission to take a critical look at what is happening inside Canada's media organizations.

Jesse Brown, whose podcast and media news website Canadaland also helped break the Jian Ghomeshi scandal, says unlike the U.S., Canada has allowed its media organizations to remain largely unscrutinized.

"There's just so many different ways that the American media holds the American media to account through hard news satire analysis. We had nothing like it here," he said in a phone interview Tuesday.

Brown said he initially pitched the idea for a media criticism podcast to established news organizations, and most were receptive — until they realized they, too, would come under the microscope.

"So it was clear to me that something had to be done and probably had to be done independently and that's what I did," he said.

"I think as we're seeing now, there's a lot of stuff going on in media that was going unreported that needed to be reported."

Canadaland reported on Monday that Lang had attempted to "sabotage" a 2013 story about a bank that had sponsored some speeches or events at which she spoke. It also said Lang was in a "serious relationship" with an RBC board member at the time the story ran.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Lang said Monday she disclosed the relationship in 2012 to the public broadcaster, which determined an on-air disclosure before an interview with RBC CEO Gordon Nixon was not necessary.

CBC said the allegations that Lang tried to "sabotage" the story on RBC's use of temporary foreign workers were "categorically untrue."

CBC isn't the only network to come under fire recently for alleged conflict of interest. Global Television suspended one of its main Toronto news anchors last week after a media report he was part-owner of a public relations firm.

While TV critics in major newspapers have done a "pretty good job" of examining specific programming, "there's no overall culture of media criticism here," said Jeffrey Dvorkin, a media analyst and director of the journalism program at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus.

"Part of it is that we're a smaller country than the United States and there is a tradition of everybody knows everybody else," said Dvorkin, a former managing editor for CBC Radio.

"As a result, it's kind of a cosy culture of journalism in this country, and it's getting smaller because of the nature of the economy and the nature of how media organizations are functioning now. So I think that no one is really willing to say anything that might shift that coy relationship. People may want jobs, so they're not willing to be particularly critical," he said.

When Canadaland launched in October 2013, it was a part-time job for Brown, a freelancer who worked for CBC until 2009 and went on to write for Macleans and Toronto Life. But finding freelance work proved more difficult once the podcast began, he said.

"It became clear to me that if I was doing Canadaland, I might not be able to do freelance so much for the rest of the Canadian media," he said, adding he feels his listeners want him to remain independent.

Canadaland is now full-time work for Brown, with more than 60,000 downloads per podcast. Stories such as Monday's on Lang drew more than 100,000 unique views, he said.

The site and podcast are funded by monthly public donations through the crowdfunding site Patreon. More than 1,600 people have signed up to support Canadaland for a total of roughly $8,700 a month, Brown said.

When the donations reach $10,000 a month, Brown has promised to turn Canadaland into a "micro news organization and podcast network," which would involve posting at least one story a day. It would also mean hiring other reporters, he said. Brown currently works with Toronto-based reporter Sean Craig, who broke the Lang story.

Canadaland was thrust into the spotlight last fall after Brown collaborated with the Toronto Star on an investigation into assault allegations against Ghomeshi.




Good article here folks - you might want to read it.

Amanda Lang wasn't all wrong.



This is pathetic arrogance.

CBC can bray about conflict of interest for others but why does the CBC think it should not apply to them?

Amanda Lang: Some of CBC host’s RBC-involved speaking engagements unpaid

CBC host Amanda Lang is under fire over accusations of conflict of interest in connection with her reporting on RBC.



How much longer is CBC management and super stars going to be allowed to stonewall and not respond appropriately to inappropriate actions?

What a friggin' national disgrace!

The mingy, minimal mindset of CBC managers: 

Like many of the CBC’s stars, managers at the public broadcaster seem to have lost all sense of public values.



When you have a problem, you should stop and fix it. Too bad the CBC just doesn't get it, or more to the point, the CBC doesn't want to get it. Sad but true.

Tomlinson on Lang: “The problem was the perceived conflict of interest…It raised questions about Amanda Lang’s involvement in the story”

When stuck in a hole, kids, stop digging.



Statement on Inappropriate Line of Questioning by CBC Anchor Evan Solomon



Say what?

Glenl wrote:
Anyone who has been in a position to fire someone takes it very serious. Unless they are sociopaths. You are balancing incomplete information, often conflicting, with a persons livelihood, their families security and their reputation. From the timelines I've seen the CBC execs acted appropriately.


I like (changed to read liked as in past tense) Amanda Lang but.......

Isn't this similir to Peter Mansfiled being paid to address the oil industry., which was not kool to say the least.

So who do you believe?

Amanda Lang allegations 'categorically untrue,' CBC exec saysAmanda Lang

Amanda Lang, host of the CBC program 'The Exchange with Amanda Lang'

"Unfortunately it was very clear early on that this was similar to the Ghomeshi story, rather than showing a legitimate curiosity at some well substantiated allegations and a curiosity to know if in fact their journalism was sound, it was a rally around the host, protect the host mentality and I'm unfortunately not surprised."



Excellent and informative article.

Amanda Lang scandal legacy of CBC's long corporate metamorphosis

Despite all this, when the Lang story broke, the CBC brass immediately (and angrily) rushed to her defence. Jennifer McGuire, the CBC's editor-in-chief, vehemently denied Lang had done anything wrong. McGuire, CBC spokesperson Chuck Thompson and Lang herself launched a PR media onslaught, attacking the Canadaland story, saying she had not tried to sabotage the TFWP story.

This is not the only issue where Lang has crossed over into the world of outright corporate flackery. She's also taken paid speaking gigs for the insurance companies Manulife and Sun Life and then had their CEOs on the CBC to do further puffball interviews.

The Lang affair comes hard on the heels of the debacle over the Jian Ghomeshi assault scandal (also broken by Canadaland's owner, journalist Jesse Brown). But while the Ghomeshi affair revealed the craven efforts of CBC's management to protect one of their stars in the face of numerous allegations of assaulting women, the Lang affair speaks to the issue of how the CBC has, in effect, increasingly become a mouthpiece for big business and neo-conservative ideologues.



I suppose this is the kind of thing Jesse Brown is talking about.

CBC denies 'sabotage' allegation against business anchor Amanda Lang



Jesse Brown is following a proud and important tradition.

Muckraking Journalism

On 9th March, 1892, three African American businessmen were lynched in Memphis. When Ida wrote an article condemning the lynchers, a white mob destroyed her printing press. They declared that they intended to lynch Ida but fortunately she was visiting Philadelphia at the time.