Why did it take the CBC more than 10 years to cut Ghomeshi loose?

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Radio-Canada employees hate conservative values, Harper tells Quebec station

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says "a lot" of Radio-Canada employees "hate" conservative values.

Harper says those values that are loathed by many employees of CBC's French-language network are the same ones that he says are supported by a large number of Quebecers.

Harper made the comments during a French-language interview with Quebec City radio station FM93, conducted last Friday and aired today.

His remarks were described as "petty" by an NDP MP.


NDP labour critic Alexandre Boulerice said it's clear Harper and his party dislike the public broadcaster.

"I think Mr. Harper's comments are absolutely deplorable and shows the whole ideology of the Conservatives, who don't like Radio-Canada," Boulerice said in Ottawa.

"I think Prime Minister Harper and the Conservatives have had a negative bias towards Radio-Canada and this for a long time."






maybe partly why 50 shades of grey is so popular


Top CBC brass to face senators' grilling on recent controversies