Why is the Western media ignoring the New Cold War?

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Why is the Western media ignoring the New Cold War?

?War looms large as NATO deploys thousands of troops and weaponry on Russia's borders.



Is our media guilty of " journalistic malpractise" ?


Learn more: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article44883.htm


our media? are complicit in crimes against humanity, they are totally embeded with our Canadian corporatocracy..

they must be exposed and charged for what they are doing.....

and now they are supporting the Canadian elite s plan to confront Russia in Poland sending 1000 Canadian troops to the border areas with Russia? Putting Canada, you and me on the front lines of a Russian counter attack...nuclear counter attack...wiping out 90% plus of the Canadian people...

but of course just chicken little stuff? BS!! This is for real!

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Our media talks about how awful Putin & Russia are constantly - much as they did during the original Cold War. 

Mr. Magoo

To be fair, the last one was kind of a dud.  No WWIII, no endless nuclear winter, no "Mad Max" scenario.

On this, one of two days each year when Canadians can legally discharge fireworks, let me suggest that if your "Apocalypse 3000" firework fizzles a bit, and sputters, and then does nothing for the next 30 years, it's probably not going to go off.