Can a vegan have a relationship with a meat eater?

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A friend of mine has been a vegetarian and largely vegan for over 20 years, but she has an even deeper involvement in food security issues. Having dedicated her day-to-day life to grassroots community organizing, she has witnessed a lot of hunger and has frequently experienced it herself. She is also a committed anarchist. Out of that, if my friend is offered a meal that includes meat, she has explained to me that she eats it gratefully. with honour and respect for both the gift and the animal, rather than ever see food go to waste. In fact I once cooked her something vegetarian that contained over half a bottle of Italian wine as well as olives, lemons and herbs from the supermarket, served with brand-name store-bought bread, and although she didn't say anything I realized that she was more offended by that than if I had made something frugal with local ingredients flavoured with meat.

That kind of perspective seems to me to open up some territory for an activist couple who may agree to disagree on meat.

Not that I would know anything about that personally.


Your friend was offended that you cooked for her?


No, never. But in my focus on avoiding animal products, I overlooked the fact that this is only part of her ethics around food. What I prepared cost probably over $35 all told, not including what we drank, just for the two of us, whereas that is more than her own food budget for a week -- she does a lot of dumpster diving and lives and cooks communally. Her household at the time was preparing meals for 15 - 20 homeless people three times a week and not spending anywhere near $40 each time. Add to that the fact that some of my ingredients had been transported halfway around the world, some were from southern California, grown by exploited Mexicans, and I think she was just a bit disappointed that I did not seem to be getting where she was coming from on food.

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