Cooperation, sooner or later....

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Cooperation, sooner or later....


I'm posting 2 articles that discuss the idea of NDP/Liberal cooperation/coalition or an outright merger.

It's clear that in the next election (or two, if the parties continue to be bull-headed about this), the Liberals and NDP will be forced by circumstance (FTTP Tory numbers) to sit down at the table and talk about working together somehow -- coalition being the most logical. 

We can either let this mega-sliver issue fester for years until it inevitably works its way out (suffering the Conservative damage all the while) or we can pull the sliver out a.s.a.p. and end the agony. Unfortunately, it looks like the former.


David Young

All this merger talk speculates that there will be a Liberal Party in four years time that will be a force in Canadian politics.

There was never merger talks during the Brian Mulroney years, and there won't be any talks now.

The Liberals will split into two factions before they ever merge, with the right-of-centre ones going to the Conservatives, thus defeating the purpose of a merger.

It will never happen!