Relationship Wisdom or Sexist Drivel?

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Originally posted by Sven:
[b]Based on the Hindi word "thag" (meaning rogue or cheat).[/b]

It came into being because of the British occupation of India, originally used in reference compare to the Thugs in India who were professional assassins who killed by throat cutting. It was and is a swarthy skinned perjorative. Brought back into common use by the Bush admin in reference to those swarthy skinned Muslims who are behaving like Thugs.

Main Entry: sor·did
Pronunciation: \ˈsȯr-dəd\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin sordidus, from sordes dirt — more at swart
Date: 1606
1: marked by baseness or grossness : vile
2 a: dirty, filthy b: wretched, squalid
3: meanly avaricious : covetous
4: of a dull or muddy color



Main Entry: swart
Pronunciation: \ˈswȯrt\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English sweart; akin to Old High German swarz black, Latin sordes dirt
Date: before 12th century
1 a: swarthy barchaic : producing a swarthy complexion
2: baneful, malignant

And that is saying nothing about its classist constructs as you so brilliantly exampled with:


The sordid conditions the tenants had to endure at the hands of their slumlord are outrageous.

Considering the first thought that people have would be judgement along the lines of base behaviour, not just upon the part of the slumlords but upon those who inhabit them. It sets a tone of superiority and marginalization, by the user of it, that is condescending and denotes a not wanting to be helpful. Just tsk tsking their plight.

Now, your other strawman regarding the RNC, I do not imagine it would be called, or referred to as, sordid, by anyone, including yourself. As sordid sets a conceptual framework of dirty deeds done in squalid conditions like a seedy motel. Plus a few others that would readily come to mind, and none would be an accurate way to conceptualize the RNC.

Anyhow, no further commentary is needed it is quite clear you want to continue to use "loaded" ism words with impunity.

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