$600 million and what do you get. . .

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$600 million and what do you get. . .




Atomic bumble: $600M reactors meant to supply important medical isotopes unlikely to come on line: Sources


Already eight years late and 400% over budget, the federal government's brand new $600-million nuclear reactors don't work and will likely never be in service, highly placed sources told Sun Media.

The reactors were built specifically to supply all the radioactive medical materials -- called isotopes -- used to diagnose and treat more than 30,000 cancer and heart patients across Canada every week.

Without the new reactors in service, critically ill Canadians will continue to be at the mercy of an antique 1957 reactor that the federal nuclear watchdog shut down last December for safety reasons.

Read it [url=http://www.ottawasun.com/News/Columnists/Weston_Greg/2008/02/01/4805387-...


If these reactors have a design flaw, does that make them completely useless? I wonder why they don't use the reactor designs that have proven reliable in the past.
600 million is a lot to spend on imcompetence, especially when there is malnutrition and inadequate housing in this country.
Maybe this is another example of how capitalism creates scarcity to divert wealth to 'special interest groups'.