Alberta going nuclear soon?

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gram swaraj
Alberta going nuclear soon?


gram swaraj

I think this is national in scope (especially given the recent shady Linda Keen firing from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission), and has to do with far more than just environmental justice:

[url='s nuclear reactor plan doubles to four[/url]

We all know of course that renewable energy is too damn expensive. And that it has to be kept that way , by subsidizing big dirty energy, by not allowing renewables to develop, by undercutting them and making it difficult for small producers to sell their excess cleaner energy to the grid.



But he said federal Environment Minister John Baird provided a boost to the nuclear option when he announced this week that Ottawa would prohibit the building of coal-fired power plants after 2011 unless they capture emissions of carbon dioxide and sequester the gas in permanent underground storage.

Mr. Hawthorne said a clean-coal plant with sequestration could be as much as 50 per cent more expensive to build per megawatt of capacity than nuclear plant.

Wasn't aware of that...