Amir Khadir calls William and Kate "parasites"

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Malcolm wrote:

Why this enrages you isn't entirely clear to me. Why you feel the need to lie about other peoples positions is similarly unclear to me.

Enraged, who's enraged?

I'm not the one enraged to the point where I slander others by calling them liars.

My offer still stands:

If you want to prove your (self-claimed) antimonarchist creds then come up with some impressive arguments for and practical solutions on abolishing the monarchy.

Otherwise, why do you so persistently post your obstructionist views on these antimonarchist threads?


Roscoe, that sort of gratuitous drive-by is just the sort of thing we're trying to discourage, especially considering unionist has hardly posted in this thresd.  Consider yourself on a one day vacation.





Tongue out


Is that a rare archive picture of Harper?


Also, closing for length, and not a minute too soon!


Should this restart, the sort of ad hominums and general pissing contests we've seen above will be resulting in suspenions.


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