Another tough bus ride to Winnipeg

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Another tough bus ride to Winnipeg


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The stabbing victim this time lived ... and kept his head about him. The weird angle this time is that the police put the suspect on the bus ("Get out of town, Mr. Flat Broke, here's the price of a bus ticket", etc.) a few hours before he allegedly stabbed another passenger.

[url=]Bus stabbing suspect ... was put on the bus by the police.[/url]

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Children's author [url=]Anita Daher [/url] was on the bus and provided a remarkably detailed report for CBC Radio. I hope they paid her the full journalist rate.

Daher was in the front seat when the suspect demanded to be let off the bus.


Well, I went looking for a recording or transcript of Daher's eyewitness account, and couldn't find one, so you have more info than I.

But, as much as I find it prudent, freedom and democracy wise, to always take the word of the police with an Olympus Mons sized grain of salt, I am not sure they are the proper target of our ire.

I find more interesting the findings-- or non findings-- of the doctor on duty.

Here's a scenario for you. A guy thinks he needs some psychiatric care. But, he hasn't done anything serious enough to prove the case.

So, he goes out and does something serious enough to prove his case.


The stabbing victim this time lived ... and kept his head about him.

And, btw, I consulted the college of Canadian stand up comedians, and they are unanimous in thier judgement that not enough time nor distance has transpired from the original tradgedy for this to be considered humourous at this point. At least in a public forum.

Privately, I beat you to it weeks ago.

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I'd want to stab someone if I had to take a bus to Winnipeg too.

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I'm guessing that the suspect would have been involved in an assault, as per the remarks of Tommy_Paine, whether he was headed to the backwater of Toronto or to the thriving hub of civilization in Winnipeg.



thriving hub of civilization in Winnipeg.

Now there's a phrase you don't hear everyday.


hey now, I'm leaving for Winnipeg soon. I quite like it there. [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]


Then you should know that Winnipeg is a Cree word that means "but the summers aren't bad".


Don't end up in one of there hospital emergency rooms.


But on a serious note, I think most know how I feel about how corporations should be held accountable, and made responsible, but I think all this stuff about Greyhound is a red herring:

[url=]Burried Update on yesterday's story [/url]

It would seem to me that yesteday's occurance and the one cited here from 2000 has more to do with how abysmal our mental health system is.

The CBC seems to be fixated on Greyhound because of the unfortunate incident back in the summer. I don't doubt that if that incident didn't score over 8.5 on the macabre scale, we wouldn't have even heard about this current incident.