Anti War Canadian War Involvement Bumper Sticker

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Anti War Canadian War Involvement Bumper Sticker

Hi, I have a few Anti Canadian War involvement bumper stickers I had printed up a while ago. The cost would be $3.00 to cover my shipping cost of the current bumper sticker. Here is a link,

Could people either PM me or comment whether you would be interested in receving one? I am a retired 20 year plus Canadian Naval Officer and dedicatedly against any continued Canadian military adventurism of any kind.

Please let me know what you think. If there is enough ineterest, I would set up my pay pal account to receive a the shipping cost payment. Thanks everyone. I am NOT trying to make money with this. I just am hoping we on the left would want to get the word out that Canadian military adventurism needs to stop and stop now.


Hi, Even if I'm not on the left (or the right) I support your initiative.  My email is [email protected] and if you could give me an address I'll order 10 stickers and send you a money-order

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It's a really nice bumper sticker. A bit of a warning, though: watch out for vandalism from those who support the war machine.


It is a nice sticker


How did I miss this thread before? Arthur, you're my hero! Thanks for this.