Backlash over Margaret Wente appointment to Massey College fellowship

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Backlash over Margaret Wente appointment to Massey College fellowship

From this article, Margaret Wente is controversial for:

1. Controvery with plagiarism.

2. Questioned climate change science.

3. Remarked about Greta Thundbeeg's aspergers.

4. Peddled pseudo-science regarding race.

This article highlights her history with pseudo-science and race

"To those who missed the piece, Wente trotted out Wade’s pseudo-scientific claims about the existence of biological “races” that correspond roughly to popular notions of race based on skin colour or continental origin (white and black, for example, or European and African). Wade asserts that humans can be divided into distinct “races” and that genetic differences between these groups are responsible for essential differences in social characteristics, differences then enhanced through culture. "


That she was even on the list of those being considered is absurd.  Really, I'm at a loss for words.  Of course Margaret knows what to do when that happens.

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Ta da da da da...ching!


Institutions of Higher Learning, eh!

Canada's National Newspaper, eh!

Margaret Wente resigns contentious Toronto college appointment after uproar


What Wente wrote was really dumb âe" and also racist

Ms. Wente should not be allowed to keep her position at the Globe and Mail after publishing such virulent lies, while Mr. Pound should resign his Olympic Committee position and McGill Chancellorship.